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Find My Family 12/21/09: Tina Nadeau Finds Her Son And Denise Bashaw Finds Her Mother

December 21, 2009 08:45 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight Tina Nadeau is reunited with the son she gave up as a teenager and Denise Bashaw searches for her birth-mother after the death of her adoptive mother to ovarian cancer on Find My Family. What is the unexpected news Denise Bashaw receives from the Find My Family Team? Keep reading to find out.


First, the Find My Family team traveled to San Diego, California to meet Tina Nadeau, who is a single mom raising two beautiful daughters. Tina absolutely loves her kids and has a wonderful life, but the hole left in her heart after giving up her son as a teenager has only deepened over the past 28 years. Tina got pregnant when she was just 16 and in junior high school in South Dakota. Her parents decided she should give the baby up for adoption and sent Tina to live with her aunt and uncle in California. Tina had left a big piece of her heart in California and fifteen years later, living in South Dakota with her two daughters, she’d still spent every day thinking about the son she’d given up. She decided to pick up her girls and move back to the San Diego area to search for her son. She saw her son’s face in every young man that she met and she used the internet and adoption websites to produce a lead, but frustrated and discouraged, she always ran into dead ends.

Tim, Lisa and the investigative team began to search for Tina’s son searching all birth dates for a boy that was born May 1, 1981. They also looked in all Catholic schools as Tina had requested that her son be placed with a Catholic family. They found a man named Tim Sherman who fit the information given and he agreed to meet Lisa and talk with her.


Tim was very anxious when he met Lisa and said that he had wanted to look for his birth-mother, but was worried that he would be rejected. He was excited when he found out that his birth-mother was looking for him and cried when he read the letter that Tina had written. Tim went to meet Tina and gave her the answers about her son’s adoption and the fact that they had found her him and he wanted to meet her. Tina was given the pictures of her son Tim and told that he wanted to thank her. Host Tim said that her son knew that he was not held by his mother and that Tina would not have been able to let him go if she had.

At The Family Tree Tina’s fears were over as she walked up the hill to see her birth-son. The two embraced at the top of the tree and Tim’s touch and hug filled the hole in Tina’s heart. Tim thanked his birth-mother for allowing him to have the life that he had and insisted that Tina call him her son. Tina then read the letter that Tim’s mom wrote to Tina and she was thrilled with the fact that his adoptive parents would be happy to share Tim with them. Tina said that this was the first day of the rest of her life and was so happy to know that her son grew up happy and content and forgave her. Later Tim met his two sisters for the very first time and Tina  had the opportunity to thank Tim’s parents for doing such a wonderful job of raising him.

Then Find My Family headed to Crestview, Florida to meet Denise Bashaw, a 27-year-old mother trying to keep up with two adorable children while her husband serves overseas in the Air Force. Denise always knew she was adopted and loved her adoptive parents more than anything. Ten years ago her world was turned upside down when her adoptive mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, passing away less than a year later. At 16 Denise made a promise to herself that somehow, she would meet her birth-mother and thank her for giving her the ultimate gift of a better life. In 2001 records in Oregon were unsealed and Denise was able to obtain her pre-adoption birth record. This record included her birth mother’s name and other pertinent information from the time of her adoption. Despite having such great information to start her search, Denise had come up empty.

Find My Family began the search to find Denise’s family and answer the questions this grieving daughter has sought her entire life. They pulled records for over 70 women who could have been her mother. With two additional leads they played a hunch that maybe her birth-parents were in the military and they found the woman they were looking for.


Lisa met up with Karen Meador and she explained to Lisa how nerve wracking it was to have her there. She told Lisa that she was 18 when she became pregnant with Denise. Karen was happy to hear that her daughter had done well in her life and was was excited to have the opportunity to meet Denise along with Karen’s daughter Kelsey. Tim met up with Denise and showed Denise a picture of her birth-mother and then told her that she had a little sister Kelsey who was 18 years old and that she also wanted to meet her. At The Family Tree Karen and Kelsey ran a rollercoaster ride as Denise walked up the hill towards them and when they met all three women hugged for the very first time changing all three of their lives. Denise gave her birth-mother a book of her life and all of her firsts and then gave her sister Kelsey a bracelet. Later Denise introduced Karen to her husband and her two children.  Karen was now a grand mother and was thrilled!

Next week, two more families come together under the Family Tree as Find My Family airs Monday at 9 PM ET, on the ABC with Tim Green and Lisa Joyner as the hosts..

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