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Paranormal State: Demons And Legends

December 22, 2009 09:53 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new double header of Paranormal State on A&E, the PRS team travels to a home in North Carolina to help the distraught home owners rid this home of an uninvited guest…… or so the team thinks. They also head to a PA hotel to validate claims of paranormal activity based on legends, but are they real? Keep reading for all the details!

Ryan Buell and the PRS team are back tonight on Paranormal State and head to Murphy, NC to help Mike and Paula rid their home of a shadow demon. The homeowners claim that they have seen a shadow demon in their home, as well hear growling noises throughout their home. They also claimed that something levitated their daughter’s bed around the room. Mike said that even after three separate home blessings by different churches, the activity remains.

Ryan and Katrina conducted dead time while the rest of the team watched from the cameras. During dead time, they both heard strange sounds and Katrina felt something there. Ryan decided to call in a medium, who almost immediately informed them that the demon in the home was invited in, which the homeowners neglected to tell PRS.

Ryan decided to pay a visit to the homeowners brother, Steven who stayed with them at the time the activity started. Steven informs Ryan that he used to practice witchcraft and that there was one night in which he conducted a circle to show Mike and Paula what a shadow demon was. Terrified, Mike and Paula left the circle enabling the demon to remain in their home.


Next the PRS team on Paranormal State along with Mike, Paula and Steven held a circle to close the original circle and cast out the demon. No activity has been reported to PRS since they closed the circle.

PRS headed to PA to investigate the Conneaut hotel where the legends run wild and paranormal claims are flying. Hotel employees claimed that a series of legends surround the hotel, including a bride who died during a fire in the hotel on her wedding night as well as a butcher who was stabbed to death and thrown in the dumpster.

During dead time on Paranormal State they do have a series of sounds and doors slamming. When the medium comes in, he verifies some of the tales that the staff has told them, even with no knowledge of where he was.


Ryan and the team decide to dig a little deeper into the hotel’s history. Much to their surprise there are absolutely no reports or records of any deaths in the hotel. Ryan decides to confer with a pastor on how this could possible since his medium picked up on the same things that were claimed by the staff and guests.

The pastor suggested to Ryan on Paranormal State that if people created the legends, paranormal activity could begin as the energy builds up off of years of legends being believed. So, since humans can create legends they can end them as well, thus ending any negative energy that is being created by them.

Ryan and the owners sit down to end the legend of the butcher, which is causing all the negative energy of the hotel. They decide to say there never was a butcher and cast out that energy. After the PRS team left, the owners nor the staff have reported anymore negative activity in the hotel, and even plan to reopen the kitchen that was closed due to the spirits.

Be sure to join us next Tues at 10 pm EST on A&E for a brand new episode of Paranormal State.

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