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Launch My Line: Asymmetrical Evening Wear

December 23, 2009 09:51 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Launch My Line on BRAVO our teams are put to another grueling challenge after a unique inspirational visit to an art museum. Too bad for the designers that it is not the art they are expecting! Dan and Dean also let them know there will be an added bonus for this week’s challenge winner. So who will step up to the plate and who will step down their game? Keep reading for all the fun filled details!

Launch My Line on BRAVO definitely gave us more than we expected tonight in a few different ways. First the teams were given their challenge: create an asymmetrical evening wear design. Next Dan and Dean took them all to an art gallery for their inspiration. However, their inspiration was not in the form of the art they all saw on the walls, but instead it was from a group of nude models. The teams had to run and grab a model, and as it seemed that Patrick and Vanessa grabbed the same guy, Patrick was there first so he got that model.

Oddly enough, Vanessa also claimed that despite being in the bottom multiple times already, she needed to step down her game. What!?! While most of them are stepping it up, she decides to step it down. Dan and Dean then informed the teams that whoever won the challenge this week would gain immunity from next week’s challenge and would be safe no matter what. So here is a rundown of what our designers took from their models and how they did.


Patrick and Roberto:
Patrick took the long leg lines from his model and black tattoos to incorporate into his design. They created a long, flowing black gown with some flowers inspired by the tattoos.

Merle and Thai:
Merle’s model was elegant with good lines. They created a beautiful brown gown that had a removable portion of the skirt which turned it into a cocktail dress fitting into her line perfectly.

Kathy and Emil:
Kathy had gotten the largest and oldest of the models, so she decided to focus on his eyes as she tried not to laugh. They used this and created a long, deep blue evening gown with her trademark belt in red and a beautiful split on one side.

Vanessa and Tressa:
Vanessa after deciding to step down her game, came up with the idea of a gold cocktail dress with pockets at the hips since her model was a belly dancer with large hips. Not sure this was a bright idea, but it fit her style none the less.

Eric and Galina:
Eric wanted to show arms as his model had a strong arm. They created a club like dress with one sleeve fit for a concert. It was chic and cute but the problem was that it was the exact same fabrics he has used in his past designs.


Marilyn and Coco:
Marilyn created a simple, blue cocktail dress that fit in with her line as it definitely could double for a business dinner, and perfect for a normal sized woman.

Louanna and Jim:
Louanna apparently did not hear Dan and Dean when they stated it was evening wear, as they decided to create a beautiful elegant suede skirt, with a white top that looked more like a luncheon outfit than evening wear.

At the fashion show on Launch My Line on BRAVO both Patrick and Marilyn were immediately told they were safe. And after giving details of their designs, both Merle and Kathy were told they were in the top 2, however Merle won the challenge and gained the immunity for next week’s challenge.

Next the judges went over Eric, Vanessa and Louanna’s designs. They did not like how Eric’s design looked so similar to his other designs and they didn’t like how Vanessa accentuated the hips on her dress. Louanna’s design they loved, however did not understand why she did not create a design fit for the evening. After careful review, they decided that Vanessa’s line was being dropped and she was going home. About time, this girl should have been sent packing the very first week in my opinion.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at our new time of 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Launch My Line on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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