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Paranormal State: More Than They Bargained For

December 29, 2009 10:14 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new hour of Paranormal State on A&E the PRS team travels to a log cabin in Indiana to help a family terrified as their son has been pushed out a window. Then they head to a million dollar home in MI to help a disgruntled homeowner at his wits end. Is what the PRS discovers is more than they bargained for? Keep reading to find out!

Ryan Buell and the PRS team head to Indiana tonight on Paranormal State to help a family who claim their dream home is filled with paranormal activity. They claim that their toddler son is terrified and was pushed out of window by something paranormal and their 5 year old daughter is experiencing terrifying nightmares out of the ordinary.

Almost immediately upon conducting dead time, Chad sees a large shadow move across the room. Both Ryan and Chad hear strange, unaccounted for sounds as well. They decide to head out to the woods to see if they can find anything out there, and again they all catch a quick shadow passing by that they cannot discount as something else.

Upon digging into the history of the land in which the home was built, the PRS team on Paranormal State discovers there is more to the history than they realized. A boy went missing on this land, and while he was never found he was presumed dead. While not officially charged, his stepfather is one most think is responsible for the boy’s death.


When Chad meets with another paranormal team who previously investigated the site, he learns that they have caught an EVP in which the voice caught states that the stepfather killed him. Ryan decided to check with the neighbors who also claim something is in the woods, possibly the spirit of the boy killed.

Since they cannot confirm that the spirit is of the missing boy, the PRS teams advised the family to plant trees in an effort to give back to the land in which they took away when they built their home. They are unable to determine the cause of the boy falling out of the window. Thus far, the family has not reported anymore activity.

Next on Paranormal State on A&E, Ryan Buell and the team head to MI to help a disgruntled homeowner who claims the spirits are driving him insane and out of his home. Both the homeowner and his son claim to hear voices in their million dollar home, as have their houseguests. The team is shocked to learn that in the basement is also a sex room, run by prior tenants whom the homeowner had to evict eventually.


Paranormal State brought in Chip Coffey, a medium to get his feelings. Chip went in blindfolded and after being pushed down, also picked up on the sex dungeon. He also picked up an older man, not necessarily angry, but upset about something.

Upon digging into the history of the home, Ryan and the team discover that the home was once owned by an older German man, who was good to his family but also set in his ways. The team starts to wonder if the home is under a curse.

During dead time, the team does find sounds that they can account for as well as Chad hearing a voice saying “get out”. They also observe the lights going off and then coming back on, but it could possibly be electrical and not paranormal.

Ryan and the team decide that it is possible the spirit of the older man lives there and he is not happy about the activity that has been going on in the basement. They advise the homeowner to remove all the sex objects in an effort to cease the activity. Once removed, the owner reports that while they still have activity, there is no threatening or evil activity happening any longer.

Be sure to join us next Tues at 10 pm EST on A&E for a brand new episode of Paranormal State.

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2 Responses to “Paranormal State: More Than They Bargained For”

  1. wespalmer Says:
    December 30th, 2009 at 2:56 am

    The name of the missing kid is Ricky Thomas

  2. Lisa Princ Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Thanks so much for sharing that with us, I look forward to reading that article!


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