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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Morris Family and the Muppets!

January 03, 2010 06:58 PM by Candace Young


Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Design Team head to St. Paul, Minnesota this week to help out Sandy Morris and her two children who take in children and provide a multicultural daycare for them and their families. The Morris home is in disrepair, and the daycare is in danger of being shut down. The Mayor recommended the family for this makeover. ABC welcomes weatherman Sam Champion and the Muppets to pitch in for this week’s makeover! Read on…

Door Knock!

Animal from the Muppets drives the bus as it pulls up in front of the Morris house and Ty and the Design Team spill out to call the family outside. Sandy and her kids are thrilled to see them, and quickly learn that they are headed on vacation on a Disney Cruise!

Ty and Sandy go inside, where she shows him the current (crowded) facilities for the daycare – he realizes that the Morris clan doesn’t actually have space of their own – they basically live in the daycare! The foundation of the house is crumbling, some of the porch windows actually move, and the roof has extreme damage.

Ed and Tracy hang out with the kids and attempt some dance moves that Sandy’s daughter, Catricia, shows them. Sandy’s son, Michael, tells Ed that he likes football.

The Morris family next gets to meet the builder from TJB Homes, and the huge group of volunteers. Tracy gives them the keys to a new Ford Flex to ride in to the airport – then tells the family it’s theirs to keep!

Ty and the Design Team divvy up the duties for the week, and then contact the Morris family to watch as the Muppets and weatherman Sam Champion converge on their 100 year-old home to commence the demolition. Dynamite goes off, Gonzo is shot from a cannon through the roof, and Kermit agrees to drive the excavator as the house comes down!


When a demolition expert is required, Miss Piggy steps in. The judge comments that now it’s Extreme Makeover HAM Edition! The Morris family chuckles as it dawns on them that Miss Piggy just tore down their house!


Day Three

By day three, the new foundation is in and the frame of the house is completely up. Tracy is salsa dancing with a Muppet while she designs Catricia’s room. The other Muppets are busily getting into all aspects of the new house. Paul is working on the daycare center – he plans to have the children who attend personally design the wallpaper! Ed is doing Michael’s room and is out with Miss Piggy gathering inspiration on football – she karate chops him when he refers to the ball as pigskin!

Kermit explains how important it is that Sandy takes in children in need, and Ty plans a special bedroom for her in which she can recharge her batteries and regain her strength.

Day Five

Ed is putting a simulation machine in Michael’s room and has lockers and couches on the way! Paul is shopping for toys and diapers for the daycare center, and Tracy recruits Ed to pose for dance silhouettes on Catricia’s wall. The Muppets begin moving in furniture!

Ty Pennington brings the Morris family home a day early when Kermit comes up with an idea to give back to them as well as the volunteers – the Muppets sing a special song for all of them. After, Ty announces that all of the volunteers are getting a voucher for free admission to Walt Disney World or Disneyland!


Move That Bus!

It’s time for the Morris family to see their new house. The limo pulls up alongside the Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus, and Ty asks if they’d like to see what’s behind it. The bus pulls away and the Morris family hugs and cries at the sight of the new building! Sandy calls it a great gift, and they thank the builder from TJB Homes, as well as the Muppets.


Inside, all three family members rejoice at the discovery of the dishwasher! Ty comes in as they are marveling at the new space. He sends them to see the bedrooms. Catricia is thrilled with her salsa/dance themed room, as is Michael with his football bedroom – he is stunned that he has a couch with a 50 yard line on it! Sandy becomes teary-eyed when her bedroom, Ty’s special project, is revealed.

Next to see is the new daycare – Sandy cries again. Paul tells her that CVS Pharmacy donated all of the supplies that he and children shopped for, and are also donating $50,000 to the daycare! The kids are brought in to see their new stuff, and Sandy tells them how much she loves them. Ty ends with, “Welcome home, Morris family, welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, TJB Homes

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