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Survivor: Samoa — Jaison’s Journey

January 03, 2010 12:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


On the first night of Survivor: Samoa, Jaison Robinson lost his socks after evil Russell Hantz secretly burned them in the camp’s fire.  But that didn’t stop him from pushing all the way to fifth place and nabbing a spot on the jury.  In an exclusive red carpet interview immediately following the live reunion show in Hollywood, Jaison talked about why he voted for Natalie to win, his bond with Russell and discussed what his best move in the game was.

Read on to see an exclusive video from the red carpet with Jaison.

Check out Ryan Haidet’s interview with Brett on the red carpet:


RealityTVMagazine — Ryan Haidet:  How cold were your feet at night?

Jaison Robinson:  Freezing.  It was really really cold.  It wasn’t just my feet, it was my whole body so we were kind of huddled together trying to cuddle at night just to use body heat to stay warm.


RTVMag:  Did you know Russell had thrown your socks in the fire?  Were you searching for them?

Jaison:  I was definitely searching for them.  I had no idea he had burned my socks until the end.  And I had heard he didn’t know they were my socks and that’s why he burned them, but how much do you believe of what Russell says?


RTVMag:  You made a comment during the live reunion show about why Natalie deserved to win the game.  You can never see a situation in which Russell deserved the title of sole Survivor?

Jaison:  You can use whatever criteria you want to vote for whoever you want as a juror.  If he had won, I wouldn’t have been surprised.  And I couldn’t say he shouldn’t have won because you can use whatever criteria you want.  But I think the idea that Natalie should not have won is a little ridiculous.  She made it as far as everybody.  She definitely made some strategic moves — especially to get rid of Erik.  Without getting rid of Erik, we don’t go as far as we did because I would’ve been voted out.  He would’ve still had the Idol, so there’s no second Idol to play against Kelly.  She was an integral part of the team.

jaison-robinson-survivor-samoa-cbsRTVMag:  What would you say was the most influential thing you did to further yourself in the game?

Jaison:  Russell and I were having sunrise conversations every day and talking about the moves we were going to make and what we were going to do.  I know the show kind of portrays him as kind of doing it all on his own, but the three of us (himself, Mick and Natalie) were around kind of deflecting attention from him all the time.  At every stage of the game people wanted to get rid of Russell.  And at every stage of the game we went out and made sure he stayed in the game.  This isn’t a game you can play on your own, this isn’t a game you can do by yourself.

I guess if I had to point to one moment that was significant for me, it would definitely be the auction where I bought the advantage instead of getting food.  For me that was the most difficult day — watching people eat chicken and hamburgers and all these other things as I’m taking one for the team to get the advantage.


RTVMag:  Talk about that advantage.  Could you have won that challenge without it?

Jaison:  I don’t know, because Dave Ball was holding onto that rope for about a half hour after everyone else had dropped out.  And I was beginning to struggle a little bit toward the end — and I had a knot.  I don’t want to say either way.  I’d like to think I’d still beat him.  I think I would’ve beaten him, but I don’t know.


RTVMag:  How did you get selected to be a contestant on Survivor?

Jaison:  Sent in a video.  Went to the interview, and they said “Yes.”

RTVMag:  Explain what the experience is like when you first set foot on the island and the game is about to start.

Jaison:  It’s like a deer in head lights.  You get out there and you see all of these cameras trained on you.  Then you realize 12 million people watch this every week.  You go, “Holy crap.  What did I just get myself into?”  But at that point you can’t turn back.  You can’t quit.  You can’t do any of that, you just got to try to move forward and keep trucking.


RTVMag:  They made it seem like you were having a difficult time in challenges.  Did you actually feel that way?

Jaison:  It depends on which challenges.  There were two challenges where I had some difficulty, but I also dominated some of the earlier challenges that you didn’t get to see.  I made a lot of shots in the basketball challenge — Schmergen Brawl.  I had to take on big Russell and John on my own.  The swim on the first challege, etc., etc., etc.  Overall, I think I did great in challenges, but there were a couple where I was tired.


RTVMag:  Advice to a future contestant?

Jaison:  Be careful what you wish for, because no matter what you see or how great at being outdoors and all of that you are, you have no idea what you’re getting into.  There is absolutely nothing about this game that is staged or rigged.  They really do give you a pot, a machete and a flint and say, “Go figure it out.”  So I don’t really think there’s much you can do to prepare for it except for to mentally be ready to suffer.


RTVMag:  What didn’t we get to see about your personality on the show?

Jaison:  Honestly, I don’t really know how to answer that question.  I think on the show you saw my highs, and you saw my lows.  I think you saw a lot more of my lows than you saw of my highs.  I don’t think I complained anymore than anybody else, but you know it is what it is.  I think if I had any regrets it would be engaging Ben at that Tribal Council.  I’ve gotten a lot of compliments for the way I handled it and all that.  But to be honest with you, I did not go on Survivor to get into a long, heated debate about race.  I just didn’t.  If there would’ve been a way to avoid that, that’s what I would’ve wanted.


RTVMag:  What’s next in line for you?

Jaison:  I’m taking the bar in February and moving on with my life.  I should be a lawyer by March — hopefully.  And we’ll see what happens.

Red carpet images by Ryan Haidet.  All other images courtesy of CBS.

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