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Chef Academy: Meat Overload

January 04, 2010 10:35 PM by Lisa Princ


On the second part of our double header tonight of Chef Academy on BRAVO Chef Novelli decides to push the culinary students even harder this time as there are only 2 weeks remaining before graduation. As two students get inked, another student fails the test…..but it will that one fail send the student packing, or will Chef Novelli pull more tricks from his sleeve as he did earlier tonight? Keep reading to find out!

First order of business tonight on Chef Academy on BRAVO was letting the culinary students know what their lesson would be revolving around different meats. Then Chef Novelli decided to declare the head of the class this week as Kup as well as informing the class that this week would include not one, but two tests.

Kup decided to celebrate and asked Chef Novelli if he would mind if he got a Novelli academy tatoo. Chef Novelli had no problems with it, so Kup and Carissa headed out to the tatoo parlor. Kup came back with “Novelli Academy” inked on his neck, how Chef Novelli immediately put down Carissa’s tatoo saying it was slept wrong, poor girl.

Back to the meat on Chef Academy on BRAVO as Chef Novelli surprised the culinary students with a chocolate infused chicken dish as one of their recreations, as well as lamb and a beef dish he named after Michelle. Each student would have to recreate one meat dish, but only three could do the same meat, so he would have 3 students recreating each different meat dish.


Next on Chef Academy on BRAVO the culinary students learn that the second part of their test will consist of 1 of 15 different recipes that they have learned in the past weeks drawn from a hat. They all spend their lab day practicing different recipes as they have no idea what they will pull.

On test day, they all prepare their dishes and present them to Chef Novelli. After playing a trick on both Emmanuel and Kyle, Chef Novelli lets them both know that they passed. In fact, all the students passed their meat test except one. In a huge shocker, Leo, who had the most beautiful looking beef dish I have ever seen, failed the test because his meat was not cooked properly or evenly. So there goes his perfect record, but at least he is positive about it.

Lastly on Chef Academy on BRAVO, it is time to pick from the hat for their second test. Everyone was jealous of Tracie who drew the parmesan basket, and Kup who drew the scallops which he had done many times recently at the charity event for Joel’s mom. The worst luck came however when Suzanne drew the seabass stew which she had no idea how to cook as she was not on the boat that day when it was cooked, she was cleaning squid instead. We will have to wait until next week to see who passed this test and who fails.

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for the 2 hour series finale of Chef Academy on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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