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Chef Academy: Squid Surprises

January 04, 2010 09:33 PM by Lisa Princ


It’s been 2 weeks since we last saw a new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO and thankfully it is back on tonight….I don’t know about you but I was having withdrawals. How could they possibly top Emmanuel’s exotic gig last time we watched. Will any of our 5 students who already have 2 fails be sent home this week? You’ll have to keep reading for the answer and to see what Chef Novelli has in store for the culinary students this week and also to find out who is stirring up the drama and fun!

In the first episode of our double header tonight Chef Novelli kicked off this week’s Chef Academy on BRAVO by taking the culinary students out fishing on a boat, but it wouldn’t go as smoothly as he thought. Immediately upon announcing this, Sarah had a mental breakdown over her fear of water, big shocker coming from Sarah, who seems to break down over everything. Chef Novelli slowly walked her through it and convinced her to come along.

Suzanne, however would not get on the boat as she advised Chef Novelli that she gets sea sick. Chef Novelli was not the least bit happy about this, thinking Suzanne was being a drama queen and he sent her back to the academy to clean squid. Poor Suzanne had a really hard time with the squid and started to break out with a rash, stating that her brother has allergies to shellfish and thinking she had an allergic reaction.


Chef Novelli was not buying Suzanne’s story but he had a doctor called in anyway. Meanwhile, he showed the culinary students how to make a few seafood dishes on Chef Academy in addition to the one he showed them while on the boat, a seabass stew. The students watched and took notes as Novelli created a squid dish and a scallop dish in preparation for their test.

When the students arrived at the academy for their lab day on Chef Academy on BRAVO only to be surprised to find out that Chef Novelli had other plans. He informed them it was not lab day but instead it was test day. He then let them know that they would be broken up into groups of three, and each group would cook one of the seafood dishes he created the prior day. Upon presenting their dishes, he would choose one from each group to be the chef du jour of that dish for a charity breast cancer event he was throwing in honor of Joel’s mother, whom passed away a year and a half earlier.

Kup, Emmanuel and Kyle were the first group up for the test and they were to recreate the squid. Surprisingly it was Emmanuel’s dish that won and he was awarded chef du jour for that dish. Next up were Tracie, Zoe and Leo whom recreated the seabass stew. While all three did great, it was Tracie who won the chef du jour position. Lastly, it was Suzanne, Carissa and Sarah who were to prepare the scallop dish. Chef Novelli was not pleased with any of their dishes and decided to name Kup the next chef du jour for the scallops.


Now it was judgement time on Chef Academy on BRAVO to see who would pass and who would fail. Chef Novelli announced that all the chef du jour’s had passed, as well as Kyle and Leo, who has yet to get a fail. He passed out envelopes to the chef du jours and asked that they open them after the class was over.

This left Suzanne, Carissa and Sarah to get their results. Both Suzanne and Sarah each had 2 fails and Carissa had 1. Novelli informed them that all 3 of them had failed the test as neither of their dishes were cooked thoroughly and then he walked out of the room which seemed pretty rude after just giving someone their third strike.

In a surprising turn of events, Kup opened up his envelope to reveal that Novelli decided that due to the charity event, he was not giving anyone an actual fail this week, so Suzanne and Sarah would not be going home!

The breast cancer event was a huge success and Joel was so very grateful, as were Suzanne, Sarah and Carissa who get to stick around for another week of Chef Academy on BRAVO.

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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