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Conveyor Belt of Love!

January 04, 2010 09:06 PM by Candace Young


In this ABC, reality TV special, five single women get a shot at thirty single men – who are delivered to them on the Conveyor Belt of Love! If two women are interested in the same man, the power shifts and the man gets to decide who he is interested in! Check it out…

The five women, Jenn, Betsy, Angelique, Dalet, and Keiko, are seated and the first man is rolled out. It’s Alex, a 25 year-old man who still lives with his parents – all the women pass. Akuni is the next guy – a 23 year-old surfer. Two of the women are interested, but Akuni picks Dalet. A guy who does turkey calls is quickly dismissed, as is a poetry reader with a lisp who claims to be well-endowed. Johnny Pride who is accompanied by his small dog and wearing a speedo is snatched up by Keiko.

Scott, age 28, a very boyish-looking nerd is chosen by Jen, who likes smart men. Next on the conveyor belt is Ryan, who is holding a photo of his grandma, and gives sex eyes. Dalet swaps him out for Akuni!


An ex-marine who dances is rejected by all the women, and is followed by a very big-haired young man who announces that he prefers to date in the cougar bracket – he too is turfed. Jorge comes up the conveyor belt hollering and is allowed to continue right on by. A ridiculously normal blond guy comes up the pike, which results in Angelique and Daleta both being ‘interested’. He chooses Daleta as he’s not into Angelique’s busty look!

At this point, I’m not sure what to think – the selection of men was appalling! The women are sort of suspect too! Hmm…

An overweight comedian by the name of Eric rolls on up the conveyor belt and does his Chris Farley impression – Angelique raises the other girls’ eyebrows by picking him up! A bald, little magician passes on through, as does another funny rotund man, and a t-shirt and jeans wearing slouchy guy. More intriguing is the Anthony, who announces up front that he is still a virgin, and proceeds to make balloon animals – Betsy thinks he’s great and sends him to her box.


Josh comes down the conveyor belt next – he is doing yoga and loves his mother (oh, and looks pretty good) – Dalet and Betsy both like him, but he chooses Dalet, effectively bumping out normal blond guy, Christian. More magic is happening on the conveyor belt, but not for the women – they pass on another one. A country-type guy who write songs catches the women’s interest – Betsy likes him and swaps him out for the virgin.

An accordion-player and a man who does impressions are both waved down the conveyor belt. We’re down to the last four guys. Lazare comes out and argues with the women about their current choices – he moves on. A man dressed as an indian also is rejected. A young man with a faux hawk and roller blades is chosen by both Angelique and Jen. He chooses to go with Jen, and her cute nerd has to leave. The last man down the conveyor belt is a handsome musician who plays the guitar. Angelique and Jen go head-to-head again. Jen is victorious, and the faux hawk is gone.

Keiko and Johnny Pride head off up the Conveyor Belt of Love together, as do Betsy and Lance, Josh and Dalet, Eric and Angelique, and Jenn and John. Next up – dates!

Josh and Dalet

They go on a boat, and Dalet realizes pretty quickly that Josh won’t answer any of her questions and pronounces him to be boring.

John and Jenn

This pair goes on a picnic, and seem really comfortable together. They end up kissing, and decide that they’ll continue to go out.

Betsy and Lance

Lance roars up on his motorcycle and isn’t too keen on Betsy’s choice of dress, saying she is dressed for Sunday school. Betsy thinks he’s hot and starts talking about marriage – it’s too soon according to Lance. No future.

Angelique and Eric

Eric takes Angelique on a wine-tasting date. He thinks she’s gorgeous and they share a few good laughs. They both would like to go on another date.

Johnny and Keiko

Keiko and Johnny introduce their dogs, and Keiko grills Johnny with some questions. Both agree that the date went well and Keiko announces that she’ll go out with him – cause he’s super hot with clothes on!

So, at the end of this quick-paced, slightly bizarre reality dating show, three out of five match-ups proved successful! Who knew?

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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  1. sexybeast Says:
    January 6th, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Josh is sooo hott! If I know anything it’s when a man is interested… sorry for Dalet he wasn’t :P


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