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The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka Looking For Love!

January 04, 2010 08:00 PM by Candace Young


Reality TV viewers first met Jake Pavelka on ABC last season on The Bachelorette. Jake seemed to have a great connection with Jillian, but wound up getting cut in the end, when she deemed him to be ‘too perfect’. Jake described the problem as ‘nice guys finish last’, saying it’s been the story of his life. There was no denying pilot Jake’s hot looks, however, and many females thought it was nuts to pass him up. Will he find love on ABC’s The Bachelor this time around? Here we go…

Jake is thirty one years-old and has been ready to start a family and settle down for awhile now – too good to be true? Not if you don’t mind a clean-cut pilot with an upbeat attitude. The downside to some is that he’s a bit too clean – as in doesn’t swear, and cried like a girl after telling Jillian the truth about Wes last season – but, hey, maybe the experience made him a little rougher around the edges.

Meet the Girls

It’s time for Chris Harrison to introduce us to the 25 girls who will be competing for Jake’s affection. Although there are a few girls with respectable careers who can string a fairly articulate sentence together, there are some real airheads, scary stalker-y types, and spoiled princesses. On the whole – I’m worried about this bunch!

As Jake prepares to meet the women for the first time, he remarks that he is feeling nervous. He talks to the camera about hoping that he makes all the right choices and winds up proposing at the end of the show…blah…blah…

Jake and Chris Harrison greet one another and have a fireside chat about what a nice guy Jake is, and how he is haunted by loneliness – he admits that he’s had a lot of first dates and has trouble getting a second!

Rowdy Limo 1

Outside, the first limo full of rowdy women pulls up. Four of the first five women to greet Jake spout cliches and act like idiots, one other acts refreshingly normal, and the other seems great, but she has lost her voice!


Next up, is the scary-stalker-type from Tennessee, a bubbly blonde, a pair of respectable brunettes, a chick that wants to ‘fly his plane’, a cool, classy blonde with enormous teeth, a perky redhead from Oklahoma, a nice girl with black hair, and an intimidatingly-sexy swimsuit model with a little girl voice! Poor Jake is beside himself – and there’s ten more to meet!

Rowdy Limo 2

Emerging from limo two is a captivating brunette who manages to find something in common with Jake inside of 20 seconds, Channy the chatty Cambodian girl who speaks to him in her language, a girl who gives him some sort of device, and a girl who brings a basket of parting gifts for all the girls who will be leaving when she wins – Jake looks appropriately scared! They are followed by a girl who trips and falls giggling into Jake’s arms, a dance teacher, and a woman who is also a pilot!


Chris checks in with Jake, who informs him that he is sure the woman of his dreams is inside the mansion! Chris sends him in, reminding Jake that he’ll should give a first impression rose tonight!

Inside, Jake starts acting doofus-y at the idea that one of these beautiful women might become his wife. He tells the skeptical women that he’s looking for someone with a heart of gold. He then asks the great girl with laryngitis – Allie – to come outside for the first one-on-one. The girl with the big teeth – Corrie – interrupts and demands to know his priorities.

Channy the Cambodian girl is up next – she finally explains what she said to him earlier – “Jake you can land on my landing strip anytime!” The other girls hear, and get catty. The aggressive woman with the parting gifts is inside taking offense to the competitors who have their cleavage on display. Jake has moved on to the stalker-y type from Tennessee, who immediately informs him that her seven year-old son wants to be a pilot. Her spiel is interrupted by another contestant who appears wearing a flight attendant costume! Not to be outdone, Elizabeth, a sexy brunette, materializes with a football, wanting to see Jake’s athletic abilities. The other girls join in and Jakey just can’t believe his luck!

First Impression Rose

Chris brings in the First Impression Rose and lays it on the table, causing the girls to murmur and get more antsy. Vienna goes outside with Jake – she is a giggling bundle of energy, who comes across as being a little much. Jake sits with two others – one of whom gives him a wedding ring she wears to ward off unwanted suitors! The dance teacher goes hunting for Jake and steals him away – they dance on the patio. Michelle, a needy-seeming sort, watches, and winds up in tears – after being there only two hours! She gets some alone time, and the other women whisper that she’s crazy!

Jillian and Ed Help Out!

The girls gape as Chris announces that Jake may need some help in deciding which 10 women to send home – he brings in Jillian and Ed from The Bachelorette!


Jillian and Ed take Jake aside, and he urges them not to hold back in letting him know what they think about the women. Jillian and Ed waste no time, and start grilling the bachelorettes one-by-one.

Back inside, Jake speaks to model, Rozalyn, who is very sexy, but not all that into the goings-on. Aggressive Christina gets Jake next and orders him down on the ground to play airplane! Tenley, a woman who has only been with her ex-husband, reads Jake a list of ten reason why she is there and then kisses him! She cries later…sigh…

Jillian and Ed sit Jake down and give him the low-down. They name a few girls that made a good impression on them, but recommend that he send home emotional Michelle – Ed didn’t get a good vibe from her – it’s a good call, methinks!


Jake gives the first impression rose to Tenley. Elizabeth the football woman is surprised – she was certain she would get it! Tenley is thrilled. Chris then announces that it’s time for the Rose Ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

Chris sits down with Jake, who tells him that the girl who wore the flight attendant costume is really positive – and really got his attention! He also mentions that he likes Allie, regardless of the fact that she’s afraid to fly. Vienna also made an impression as a fun person. They discuss Michelle. Jake worries that the process might be too much for her.

Jake enters the room where the woman are waiting and makes a little speech before commencing with the ceremony. Getting roses are: Ella (stalker-type from Tennessee), Elizabeth (football girl), Allie (laryngitis/afraid to fly), Vienna (full of energy), Christina (woman with parting gifts), Gia (swimsuit model), Ashley E., Rozalyn (aloof model), Jesse (from Canada), Corrie, Alicia, Ashley H., Katherine, and Michelle (emotional basket case)!

So, Jake missed some pretty obvious red flags – and ignored the advice of Ed and Jillian! Interesting! This leaves me concerned about how good a judge of character our Bachelor will turn out to be – but we all know a lot can happen between now and the Final Rose!

Coming up on The Bachelor…Jake takes Allie flying, someone leaves, someone is having an affair, one woman is a virgin, and Jake has a tantrum!

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