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Intervention: Sarah’s Story

January 05, 2010 04:57 AM by Jennifer


On tonight’s episode of Intervention on A&E, we meet Sarah, a manager of an adult entertainment shop, who is addicted to OxyContin, which she injects daily. Most of the time she buys the drug on the street. Sarah’s family is in denial and cannot believe that she shoots up with OxyContin. According to Sarah’s parents and family, they blame her addiction on Sarah’s feeling of abandonment from her parent’s divorcing when she was little. At age 14 Sarah took eight hits of LSD at once and she was raped.
From that point on, Sarah led a life of reckless behavior, including stealing her fathers car, and working as a stripper.  Her family is concerned because Sarah is also living with her fiance, who is twice her age named Freddy, who is more like a sugar daddy to Sarah, who is only 23 years old. Freddy is also a recovering addict, who seems more like a dirty old man than a caring partner.


But you could never tell by looking at Sarah that she is also the mother of a three year old boy named Nathaniel. Sarah is not allowed to see her son due to her drug use and when she does see her son, she looks like she is high.

Realizing that there is nowhere else to turn, Sarah’s family seeks the help of Interventionist Jeff VanVonderen to try and get Sarah to see that what she is doing to her life will ultimately lead to her death. Sarah thinks she is going in for her final interview, but little does she know she will face her family and friends who will try and convince her that she needs help through this Intervention.


After reading their tearful letters and reminding her that she has a little boy to think about, Sarah agrees to go to treatment, and successfully completes a program in the hopes of being reunited with her son.  Sarah’s story was a success, but does everyone agree to go to treatment?  Will the next Intervention turn out to be a success, or will the next addict succumb to his or her addiction?   Tune in for the next episode to find out!!

Be sure to tune in next Monday at 9 PM EST on A&E for a brand new Intervention on A&E! What is your favorite episode of Intervention on A&E? Come share your thoughts with us and chat with other Intervention addicts on the Reality TV Magazine message boards.

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2 Responses to “Intervention: Sarah’s Story”

  1. lisabarrett1 Says:
    February 6th, 2010 at 10:25 am

    I want to know if you can tell me how Sarah is doing (jan 5th)her story touched me i have a son who is recovering from smoking oxycontin and can feel for her and her family i just want to tell you that your show is very theraputic to it lets you know other people in this world can and suffering from drug addiction and that it really is a disease i am a recovering drug addict myself (8 yrs for me) just want to say thank you sincerly Lisa Barrett

  2. Tim Says:
    September 20th, 2011 at 12:12 am

    I’ve taken lsd a whole bunch and can tell you that sarah was never raped. she was just trippin balls


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