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Launch My Line: Wild Card Surprises

January 06, 2010 09:58 PM by Lisa Princ


Launch My Line is back tonight on BRAVO after a week off. In this brand new episode we have drama and excitement, but just how will Dean & Dan top the nude art they gave the designers last time? As our design teams dwindle down each week, they really need to step it up….but will they? Keep reading for all the fashion filled details.

Our fashion gurus this week will have to make a wild card piece, something that shouts out according to Dan & Dean. They inform the designers and experts that their inspiration this week will come from sunglasses, as they pull out a basket full of glasses. Then they surprise the designers by as they let them all know that the trim room will be open for the entire days as opposed to the ten minutes they normally get there…still no experts allowed!

Everyone looked confused as Dean & Dan also inform everyone that Merle, since she won last week’s challenge would get to choose her pair first and then everyone else’s. Merle was all too happy to choose a pair of glasses for each designer. Since Merle dislikes Galina so much, she decided to choose the ugliest pair for Galina & Eric. Merle’s plan will backfire however as Merle has no idea how much she just helped Galina & Eric.

After few hours into their work on Launch My Line on BRAVO, Dan & Dean call the teams out for some drinks, snacks and a surprise. None other than fashion diva herself, Lady Gaga came strolling in to chat with our contestants. Now the sunglasses make sense don’t they? Lady Gaga gave our contestants some pointers although I think most of them were in shock over her off the wall outfit…talk about strange fashion sense.


Lady Gaga added one more surprise to their piece this week as Dan & Dean asked her to choose a fabric out of the trim room that the contestants would each ned incorporate some of this fabric into their piece. As they all waiting anxiously, thinking the worst but hoping for the best, the worst came true as Lady Gaga walked out with a bright red patent leather spool of fabric.

All the while on Launch My Line on BRAVO Coco and Marilyn had been at each others’ throats with Marilyn insulting Coco and Coco breaking down into tears. Will these two ever just get along? Coco went as far as to threaten to leave Marilyn to do it all on her own, but after a good night’s sleep and some thinking, they made up and started on their design with only 5 hours until the show.

So here is a rundown of what our teams did this week on Launch My Line with their inspiration from Lady Gaga:

Patrick and Roberto:
Patrick with Roberto’s blessing decided to create a dark gown that had a “shade” since he thought of shades from his glasses. The long yet sleeveless gown was wrapped in a back sheer wrap and the red patent leather was incorporated in his trademark peacock feathers. This outfit was very goth looking and I was completely disappointed in this one, although maybe if Roberto hadn’t decided to take a nap under the table, they would have done a better job.

Merle and Thai:
Merle played it safe this week since she knew she would not be sent packing after winning immunity last week. Her short gold dress featured a “vest” done in black with the red patent leather made into a rose on the front of the vest. However, there was a sagging pouch in the front of the dress that made it look more for a pregnant woman even though the vest was beautiful.

Kathy and Emil:
Kathy did a tribal like sleeveless gown that was loaded with color. The top was made of braided fabric that Kathy hand braided. This piece was beautiful and took alot of work out of her and Emil.This team always manages to do something different and fun despite the obstacles given to them. My guess is that this team will be in the finale.

Eric and Galina:
Galina took a step back this week and let Eric take complete charge of the design. Much to her dismay he decided on a “disco ball” fabric for his club party dress. He also incorporated the red patent leather in a simple strip across the bottom of the dress. Much better than last week, maybe his sense for his line is better than Galina’s?


Marilyn and Coco:
After all the quarreling, these two finally agreed on a design with 5 hours left on the clock. They had gotten a pair of glasses with gems on them, so they decided to incorporate the gems into the behind of their, long sleek “white house dinner” gown. It looked hideous and thrown together….probably because it was.

Louanna and Jim:
Louanna did a mix of 30′s and 70′s in her silvery gown. This one was beautiful with flowing sleeves and alot of details throughout the dress. She used the red patent leather on the sleeve as her trademark L, hidden but it was there.

Immediately following the runway show on Launch My Line on BRAVO Kathy was told she was safe and they didn’t want her to wait since she did put in so much hard work. Eric and Louanna were then told that they were the top 2 designers for the week, but it was Eric that won. So much for Merle’s attempt at sabotaging them.

That left Patrick, Marilyn and Merle in the bottom 3. Merle was then told she could go to her expert as she was safe since she won immunity last week. After careful discussion the judges were saddened to let them know that Marilyn would be going home and her line would be dropped. Close call for Patrick!

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at our new time of 10 pm EST for an all new episode of See you after the show!

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Photos courtesy of: BRAVO

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