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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Cowan-Brown Family, David Cook, and Xhibit!

January 10, 2010 07:04 PM by Candace Young


On the bus with Ty Pennington, the Design Team, and returning celeb, Xhibit, is a young girl named Alyssa, who contacted ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition to help get her best friend, Kori, a new house. Kori Cowan-Brown has a congenital blood disease, and met Alyssa, who had leukemia, in a blood clinic. Kori was inspired by her bff’s struggle, and has become the top youth cancer fund raiser in Indiana. The bus pulls into Bunker Hill, Indiana to check out the Cowan-Brown house, which has a huge mold issue that is a threat to Kori’s health…

The Cowan-Brown family consists of four children, Ryan, 15, Trevor, 13, Mason, 8 and daughter Kori, 12. The parents, Andy and Heather Cowan are factory workers who struggle to support their family and deal with the house, which has made them all sick, and is in effect, killing the family. They have even had to seal off the lower floor of the home.

Ryan wants to be a pro soccer player, Trevor and Mason, who share a room, like making models and racing. Kori and Alyssa meet with Ty. Kori tells him she loves David Cook.

The family is sent on vacation to Disneyland, and the demolition of the mold-infested house begins. Xhibit goes to a dirt bike track to secure a bike for Mason – and indulges in a bit of racing while he’s there!


Kori’s idol, David Cook arrives to help out, and mentions that he has family in the area, and that knows what it is like when a family member is suffering – he had a brother who died with brain cancer. Kori’s best buddy, Alyssa, is thrilled that David has taken out time to come on Kori’s behalf. She says that she’s been in remission for some time now, and feels like the money Kori raises to fight cancer somehow helped her. David hopes to find creative ways to incorporate the arts and crafts theme into the house – as Kori makes things to sell.

The Cowan-Brown family watches via video as some of the kids Kori has helped in the past make things to sell to raise more money.

As the house comes together by day five, the man from Hallmark Builders, who are doing the rebuild, comments that his mother died from cancer and that Kori is, and has, made a difference in this community.


David Cook and Xhibit hold an auction to raise money for Kori’s organization.

On day six, Paul and Xhibit marvel over the new wind turbine going up, which will save the family about 30% on energy costs. Andy’s new workshop is looking fantastic, and the blinds, faucets, and extras are going into the house.

The Cowan-Brown family is met at the airport by their limo, from which David Cook emerges to greet them! Kori is tickled – especially when he tells her he auctioned off some items, including some of her homemade pillows (one of which he kept for himself), to raise money for her cause.

Soon, it’s that time! The crowd goes wild as the Cowan-Brown family pulls up in the limo, and Ty Pennington welcomes them. “Move that bus!” is chanted loud and clear, and the family – even the younger ones – get choked up at the sight of the grand new house.


The family checks out their new digs, with Dad whispering that this was the one thing he could not give his family, but ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition did. Andy gets to see his new workshop – he remarks that the garage has everything you could want. Ty tells them that Ford donated everything in it – and threw in a new Ford truck!

The kids get to see their new bedrooms next – words like, “awesome.” and “cool,” are shouted repeatedly. Ryan is stoked to get a message from a pro soccer player by video. Andy and Heather are in bliss as they see their tranquil new room. Kori finally sees her room, she is in awe – it’s been designed with an organizational theme – 13,000 sticky notes adorn the walls! Kori loves to use those when she runs her organization. Ty tells them that CVS Pharmacy have begun an IROK Foundation with $50,000 in her name – the Cowan-Brown family will also receive an additional $50,000 to help pay off medical bills.

“Welcome home, Cowan-Brown family, welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, Hallmark Builders

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