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Chef Academy: The Graduation Finale

January 11, 2010 10:45 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight it’s graduation day on the season finale of Chef Academy on BRAVO. It’s 2 back to back hours jam packed with mishaps, drama and of course it wouldn’t be the Novelli Academy without a little pranking! If you think that you know who graduates and who doesn’t, you may want to rethink that! All the details are inside so keep reading!

In the first part of our 2 hour finale of Chef Academy on BRAVO our students were asked to prepare the recipes that they pulled from the hat last week for the 2nd part of their test. Most of the students were happy with their picks and seemed to breeze through with the exception of Suzanne and Sarah.

Suzanne pulled the seabass recipe that she did not know as she was not on the boat last week, instead she was battling the squid. She tried her hardest though to pull it through and it looked like she did, until she presented her creation to Chef Novelli and Steve only to be told that she did not remove all of the fish guts. Sarah, on the other hand forgot to add the caramel to her pastry and started to have a breakdown once again. Chef Novelli gave her 8 minutes to get her caramel on and get it back to him in which she finally wound up doing after she calmed down.

Next it was judgement time on Chef Academy as Chef Novelli went through every dish and gave them their pass or fail. He went down the line giving pass after pass, even to Sarah but making her promise never to behave like that again. Suzanne was last in line, and he announced that she sadly had failed and would be dismissed from the academy without graduating. Suzanne handled it well and her fellow students rallied around her to offer support. I know we will see many great things from Suzanne in the future despite her not graduating!


Chef Novelli then informed the students that it was time for their final exam, which would determine whether or not they would graduate the Novelli Academy. Their exam would consist of cooking for a Gala event he would hold on the rooftop of his home. He then took each student one by one for a private discussion to see who they thought would make a good head chef for the gala.

After narrowing it down to Carissa, Kup and Tracie, I was thrilled that Novelli eventually chose Tracie to star as the head chef of the Gala since she had come so far in such a short time and because she has the knowledge of how to run things from her current employment position.

Then we headed in to the 2nd hour of the finale of Chef Academy on BRAVO where the students were asked to create a menu for the gala which was to include two of each course. Tracie immediately let them all know who was in charge as they brainstormed for their dishes. Chef Novelli was pleased with the choices but let Tracie know that he would testing every dish before it left the pass.

As they tried to prep their dishes the night before, tensions were running high and Kup and Zoe got into an argument over an undercooked pork belly dish. Kup really laid into Zoe leaving everyone feeling a bit sorry for her, myself included. The next morning, however all the students came together as team to make Novelli proud of them and possibly keep them all graduating. Tracie really proved why she was Novelli’s choice for head chef as she really lead this team and had everything together!

In a wonderful surprise on Chef Academy on BRAVO Chef Novelli called Suzanne back for a meeting. Shocked but intrigued, Suzanne met up with Novelli & Steve. Chef Novelli expressed his sorrow to Suzanne over her dismissal and asked if she would attend the gala as the hostess. Of course she said yes, who wouldn’t want to get dressed up, chat it up and drink champagne! It was nice to see her there with all her fellow students cheering them on.


But that was not the only surprise that Chef Novelli had in store for the students on Chef Academy on BRAVO as he invited friends and family members of the students to attend the event. One of which was Carissa’s boyfriend, whom she did not know would be there. He played a trick on her telling her there was hair in one of her dinner rolls and asked her to come in the other room where she was greeted by her boyfriend.

One by one our students were plating dishes and getting them up to the guests, where they hand delivered them to the food critics, explaining what their dishes were and answering any questions. Upon Novelli grilling the critics, they were all extremely pleased with all of the dishes, which pleased Novelli immensely. Steve came down to ask Tracie to round everyone up and send them upstairs.

It was now graduation time on Chef Academy on BRAVO and Chef Novelli called them up one at a time to get their diplomas and each reflected on their time as a Novelli Academy student. As the class grew smaller, the students noticed that the tray was one diploma short, meaning one person was not graduating. Finally it was down to Tracie and Kyle and Chef Novelli called Tracie up as the next one graduating.

Kyle looked stunned as Novelli babbled on for a few minutes and Tracie recalled her time at the academy. Then in another pranking turn of events, Novelli pulled out another diploma which was hidden and announced that Kyle would be graduating as well. He just couldn’t let Kyle have one day with out pulling a prank on him, to which he claims was because Kyle came so far and reminded him so much of himself at that age. What a great way to end the season, now if only Suzanne had graduated it would have been perfect.

That wraps up this season of Chef Academy on BRAVO. I sure hope we get another season because I am really going to miss this show!

So the season is over, but we are still chatting about the show. Come join us on the Reality TV Magazine message boards and share your opinions will fellow viewers!

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