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Giuliana & Bill: The Clock Is Ticking

January 11, 2010 08:19 AM by Jennifer


On tonight’s episode of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network, Giuliana realizes that she and her husband Bill have been trying for months to have a baby, with no success.  Then they speak with their friends who have been trying unsuccessfully for four years, and they realize it may not be as easy as they think.  Will they succeed? Keep reading to find out!


Giuliana & Bill visit a fertility doctor, where he explains to them that there is no need for them to be trying to conceive everyday.  Giuliana realizes that with Bill’s upcoming motivational speaking tour, that their chances to conceive may be even harder.  In order to narrow down the playing field of when they should trying, Giuliana buys an ovulation predictor kit, which tells her that she and Bill need to try and conceive on a day in which Bill will be in Richmond, Virginia.

The big day comes, and Bill is anxiously trying to get home to his wife  on this episode of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network.  Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Giuliana is busy at home preparing a romantic evening for the two of them to put them both in the mood for love.  Rose petals are strewn all over their apartment, and Giuliana is ready to go.  But Bill is nowhere to be found.


Bill arrives home hours later to find a sleeping Giuliana, and she awakens and he carries her to the bedroom so their romantic escapade can begin. The couple decides that instead of focusing solely on making a baby, the two will still live their normal lives, but will have loads of fun trying to make a little Rancic.

Will Giuliana & Bill be able to make their dream come true and add a little bambino to their family, or will their plans to be parents take a backseat to their busy careers? See you after next weeks episode to find out!

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM EST for the next exciting episode of Giuliana-Bill on The Style Network. See you after the show!!

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