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Intervention: Jackie’s Story

January 11, 2010 08:33 PM by Jennifer


Tonight’s episode of Intervention on A&E focuses on Jackie, who grew up in the shadow of her sister, always wanting to be the homecoming queen, the important one.  Until her father died when she was 13.  Then her life took a tragic turn.  Tonight we find out what life looks like through the bottom of a bottle.  Keep reading to find out more.   


After her father passed away, Jackie still struggled through life trying to get attention. When Jackie was 23, she finally thought she had achieved some success in life when she met and married a doctor.  At age 36, she gave birth to her daughter Anna.  She thought her life was finally getting on track, when she tragically suffered a miscarriage at age 38. From that point on, Jackie started to drink alcohol everyday, convincing herself that the drinking would make the pain go away.  As a result, she also lost her husband.

Although she tried to hide her drinking, her daughter Anna was fully aware of what was going on.  Especially since her mother was arrested for a DUI while driving her to piano lessens.  After this erratic behavior, Jackie’s sister Chris ends up taking Anna away from her sister.  Even though Jackie tries to see and call her daughter, Chris and Anna refuse to deal with her until she gets help.


Jackie’s days are filled with drinking up to eight bottles of wine a day, and all she talks about is getting Anna back, which is hard to believe and understand because she slurs her words so much.  She constantly calls Anna at her sister’s house, and seems to lay a guilt trip on her about not wanting to be with her mother.  Jackie also has a very codependent relationship with Chris’ son Joel, who is addicted to crack cocaine and gambling. When Jackie sends Joel out for alcohol, since she cannot get it on her own, Joel ends up stealing some of her money to support his own habit.

Jackie’s family realizes that is getting Anna back is what she truly wants, then she must get the help she needs in the form of rehab. With the help of Interventionist Candy Finnigan on this episode of Intervention on A&E, the family hopes that they can convince Jackie that her drinking has destroyed her relationship with Anna, and the only way things may get better is if she goes into a treatment facility. But when the family gets together with Candy to prepare, the tables are turned on Joel as they ask him to go into treatment as well.  Joel agrees to go.  At the same time, Jackie is on her way to what she thinks is an interview, but is actually her Intervention. Her family takes turns pleading for her to leave for treatment, and Anna tells her if she doesn’t go, their relationship will be over.

Jackie reluctantly agrees to attend a treatment facility in California, and she and Joel are off to try and get their lives back.   After completing treatment, Jackie remained sober and to this day has not spoken to her daughter, Anna.  Joel also completed treatment and is trying to live a sober life.

Who will the Interventionists try to help next?  Will they be able to repair families who have been torn apart by an addiction? Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out! See you after the show!

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