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The Bachelor: Bachelorette Scandal!

January 11, 2010 08:04 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, Jake Pavelka returns in his quest for true love on The Bachelor. However, the path to finding his lady love will not be a smooth one, as Jake is the latest in the series to experience a scandal on the set. What happens? One bachelorette is exposed by the others doing the unthinkable behind Jake’s back – read on to find who did what, and exactly what the consequences turned out to be…

On last week’s episode of The Bachelor, Jake perplexed some viewers by keeping a seemingly unstable girl (who Jillian and Ed recommended he eliminate) in the running, and also by keeping some very good-looking models around, while stressing that he was searching for a girl who was beautiful inside.

As tonight’s episode gets underway, Chris Harrison explains to the remaining bachelorettes that they will be going on dates. Some will be individual and some group dates – those not receiving a rose will head home. He gives them the first date card – Gia, Rozlyn, Valishia, Corrie, Christina, and Ashleigh H. will be on the first group date – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Group Date 1

Jake and the girls head to Santa Monica in a limo, where they are met by Hal, a friend of Jake’s who is the fashion director of InStyle. The girls squeal when they learn that they will take part in a photo shoot for the magazine. Jake is excited to see who will have fun with it.

Behind the scenes, Rozlyn, who is an experienced model in bridal magazines, is very confident, and takes a shot at Gia, who is a swimsuit model. Some of the other women, such as Christina, are not as sure of themselves. Jake got in there and tried to make her feel better. Afterward, she is more taken with him than ever.


Toward the end of the group date, Jake takes Gia aside to ask her some questions about her past relationships, and they are interrupted by bikini-clad Ashleigh who invites him to swim with her. Soon all the girls are in the pool, and sexpot Roz has Jake away from the others. Out of the pool, Christina is making an impression on Jake, but not necessarily a great one since he notices how much she has been drinking.

Roz steals him back and takes him to the roof, where she wastes no time in kissing him. He excuses himself and tells the camera that Roz is outside his comfort zone. Roz tells the camera that she likes getting things done. He returns with the rose.


Back at the house, a diamond necklace arrives for the lady who will get the first one-on-one date – but no name is given. Michelle (emotional basketcase) wants to put the necklace on, but the others stop her. It’s the next morning before they find out that it’s Ali who gets the date – she feels like the luckiest girl in the world.

One-On-One Date

Jake takes Ali away from the house on a motorcycle. Since the date is called ‘come fly with me’, the next part of the date involves going flying – which Ali is terrified to do! She gamely gets in the plane and Jake belts her in. He does a pre-flight, and then they take off with Jake in the pilot seat. Ali, naturally, is transformed into a flying enthusiast due to Jake’s calmness (and the cheesy ‘on the wings of love’ music playing in the background).


Back on the ground, they get into a hot rod and cruise. Jake says he has a connection with Ali – feelings are taking off! They arrive at the beautiful venue where they will have dinner. He asks her some questions, then gives her the rose. They kiss. But the date’s not over – Chicago is playing a private concert for them! Ali is beyond thrilled – they kick off their shoes and have fun – Jake describes it as magical, saying he’s never shared a moment like that with anyone. Sigh…

Group Date 2

Elizabeth, Jesse, Kathryn, Ella, Vienna, and Ashley will be on the next group date. Needy Michelle takes her exclusion as a sign that Jake does not want to be with her. After Jake leaves with the women for the group date, Michelle decides she is leaving. Tenley tries to talk her out of it.

The group date takes place at an amusement park – which they have all to themselves. Jake is glad to have a lighthearted opportunity to become friends with the girls. Elizabeth works to get alone time at the park – she uses it to read him a letter she wrote explaining why she won’t kiss him throughout the process. Jake understands. Vienna tells the camera she considers Elizabeth her main competition.


When it comes time for Jake to give a rose at Magic Mountain, he admits he doesn’t know who to give it to. Vienna steals him away to admit that she ran away and eloped at eighteen after getting her heart broken. Ashley interrupts and tries to connect, but doesn’t get the kiss she was hoping for. Jake gives the rose to Elizabeth. The other girls leave so that Jake and Elizabeth can share a surprise. Trying not to give in to a kiss, the pair enjoy fireworks in the sky.

Cocktail Party

The girls gather for the cocktail party. The others marvel at Michelle, saying she’s Debbie Downer all day long in the house, but suddenly becomes bubbly when Jake enters the room. Jake gives Ella a surprise cupcake for her birthday and asks if she misses her son. Michelle gets her chance with Jake, and informs him that she was ready to leave because he didn’t take her on a date. Just as she gets teary, Kathryn interrupts.

Rose Ceremony

The ladies gather for the rose ceremony and are shocked when Chris Harrison asks Rozalyn to come outside with him.

Outside, Chris tells Rozalyn that it has come to light that she entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of their staff members (who was dismissed), and that there is no other choice but for her to leave the show. She is sent to pack.

The other girls watch as Chris tells Jake out on the terrace about the incident. Jake is absolutely stunned, and asks Chris if he can get his rose back. Chris says he can, and Jake asks for a moment alone before he joins Chris to tell the women what has transpired. The women watch Rozalyn escorted from the premises.


Chris and Jake tell the bachelorettes what happened with Rozalyn and the staff member. They are blown away, and obviously affected when Jake gets choked up.

Vienna, Gia, Ella, Valishia, Corrie, Jesse, Ashleigh H, Michelle, and Kathryn are offered roses by Jake. Christina and Ashley leave.

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