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American Idol: Exclusive Interview with Mandisa

January 12, 2010 04:11 PM by Christine McDow


As American Idol kicks off its ninth season, a few singers from America’s favorite TV show phoned us to let us know how they have been. First up is season five veteran Mandisa.

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SheKnows: Musically now, coming at the end of 2009, what inspires you, what keeps you going?

Mandisa: I think knowing just that my music is my story. My last album, Freedom, it came out in March. You know that album, I was recording those songs, and writing those songs, and finding the songs were all about being set free and delivered, at the same time that I was being set free and delivered from a life long food addiction. I’ve lost 80 pounds since my first audition for American Idol and as I was recording that album, all of this stuff was happening in my life. So that’s been a big inspiration just knowing that my story is being told in my music and that’s what’s really inspiring so many other people that can identify with the same things I am going through.


SheKnows: You mentioned you saw the American Idol Rewind. I find it very unique that this competition is so popular that it warrants reruns! You usually don’t see that, so for you to be a part of that, and then, of course, witness it, what goes through your head when you see it?

Mandisa: It is two different things. I was a fan of American Idol from the first season, I have not missed one episode, and so for me just watching as a fan, I’m reliving some of my favorite moments and people who I’m a fan of now, and I have their albums, just being able to see where they began, it’s surreal. I mean, I know Chris Daughtry, and know what he is now, but being able to look at that first audition that he did, was amazing! I mean, he’s a mega-star now, but you look at that and you actually see how it all began, I just don’t think there’s nothing like that. Then as a former contestant, watching it and reliving those moments makes me nothing but thankful. I still cannot believe that I was on that show and I cannot believe what has happened to me since then. It’s kind of hard to separate the two, but I just look back with nothing but thankfulness.

SheKnows: We do too. As I said, this is a great Rewind year to remember. Well, Mandisa, thank you so very much for your time and all the best, this was a pleasure.

Mandisa: Thank you it was a pleasure for me too.

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