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American Idol 9 January 12, 2010 – Boston Auditions!

January 12, 2010 08:02 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on FOX the eagerly awaited new season of American Idol kicks off with auditions in Boston, Massachusetts. Victoria Beckham sits in as guest judge along with Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, and Randy Jackson. Ryan Seacrest tells us to expect great things from this season! Keep reading to find out what all the highlights are from Boston tonight!

Day 1

Contestant Janet McNamara, who has practiced on the American Idol Karaoke game, kicks things off with a grueling version of Pocketful of Sunshine. Janet leaves the room cursing good-naturedly after all the judges give her ‘no’s.

Sixteen year-old Maddy Curtis is next up – she’s been watching the show since she was eight, and has several brothers with Down’s Syndrome. The judges are pleasantly surprised by her soulful voice – she goes through!

Seventeen year-old Pat Ford, who is a real sparky guy, has Simon Cowell writhing in his chair at his effeminate version of Womanizer. Pat finishes by telling Simon he’s ‘sassier’ in person. Randy chuckles. They all pass.


Jennifer Hirsch, Claire Fuller, and Jess Wolfe are successful female auditioners in Boston – in fact, by noon, only girls had received golden tickets!

Amadeo DiRocco is a very macho Italian Bostonian who has come to audition for Idol. He sings Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters. Amadeo’s voice is as big and strong as he appears to be. Simon likes the idea that the show can give people like him a break – he goes through! Outside the door, Ryan Seacrest is caught up in a sea of large Italian men celebrating!

Derek, a self-described ‘spiritual’ guy (and a real contrast to Amadeo) is next to try his luck with the judges. He chooses an Elton John song for his audition. Randy and Kara both dissolve in laughter at his tight, nasal voice. Simon tells him it’s catchy, but basically it was rubbish. He’s gone.

The next stand-out hopeful is a Japanese-animation obsessed girl named Mary. She yells a Janis Joplin song, and the judges are blunt with her about her talent, or lack thereof. She leaves in tears.


Harmonizing in the waiting area are three guys who all have natural talent – they all go through!

A sour-looking young man in horn-rimmed glasses named Andrew Finlan complains to the cameras about the interminable wait to go in before the judges. When he finally gets in there, he ticks Simon off immediately by being a smart ass. He apologizes, but then does it again by asking if Simon has heard of the song House of the Rising Sun. Andrew sings well, but has a angry, edgy air about him. Kara takes him on regarding his attitude, announcing that she doesn’t like him at all. Simon feels he was rude and has bad energy, but he gives him a ‘yes’. It’s not enough – he’s not through, and Kara says she needs to take a shower!

A sultry brunette named Ashley really impresses the judges – earning the honor of being called Kara’s favorite audition of the day, and having Simon tell her she’s got ‘it’!

Tyler Grady, a wild-haired young man with broken wrists is up after Ashley. He tells the judges that he fell out of a tree, then announces he’ll sing Let’s Get It On. Kara and Victoria are mesmerized. Randy likes him too. Simon says he’ll remember his audition – he gets ‘yes’s across the board!

Day 2

Lisa Olivera, a wannabe diva who currently works as a waitress goes before the judges. Kara makes bug eyes at Randy and holds her head at times. Randy tells her she’s beautiful, but it wasn’t good. Simon bids her goodbye.


A Johnny Cash-singing young man named Ryan also goes bust. He is followed by a number of disappointing contestants. Mike Davis walks in and points out the speed boat ‘Codzilla’ that he works on out in the harbor. He sings Yesterday by the Beatles. Mike’s voice is pleasing and soft. Simon enjoys Mike’s confidence – yet he’s not obnoxious! Simon says ‘yes’, but Randy says ‘no’ – it’s left to the girls, and Mike emerges with a golden ticket!

A young girl with a gorgeous voice, Katie, sings very well. She is trying to bring home good news to her grandma who has Alzheimers. She gets a golden ticket!

Joshua Blalock is 28 years-old – this is his last shot at going to Hollywood on American Idol. He sings a country song, and isn’t too bad, but Simon says he has no presence or power. He challenges Joshua to be assertive. They have him practice yelling at Simon to shut-up! The judges waffle, but eventually he gets put through!

A series of ‘freeze-ups’, ‘word-forgetters’, and lame -giver-uppers’ are shown next.

An incredibly good-looking young guy who has beat cancer is next to audition – hold up – he can sing too! Justin does a Michael Buble tune, and nets four ‘yes’s!


Norberto Guerrero is a very curious looking young man with an even stranger voice. He forgets his lyrics, but insists that he’s going to inspire the world. Simon informs him that he’s really not – he sings like a three year-old girl, dresses like LaToya Jackson, and has a beard – it’s just too weird. The others back Simon up – it’s a ‘no’!

Bosa Mora, a college graduate is the next contestant. He is categorized as good, but boring. Victoria Beckham bickers with Simon about his choice of words, as well as his eyeball rolling. The girls give Bosa the go ahead, and Randy joins them – he’s through!

Leah Laurenti is a young woman who grew up singing, but was in a very strict family. She sings Blue Skies, and is really quite good. Randy calls her one of the best in Boston – they give her four ‘yes’s, and she’s through to Hollywood!

A Randy look-a-like named Anton also gets through before the day’s end, and does a celebratory ‘russian’ outside on the walkway!


Tomorrow night, American Idol hits the dirty South – in Atlanta!

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