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Paranormal State: Darkness Falls Special

January 12, 2010 09:27 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new spooktacular Paranormal State event on A&E the PRS team travels to a West Virginia Penitentiary. Will Ryan and the gang be able to solve any of the paranormal mysteries that lurk there? Maybe the PRS team will come face to face with their worst fears, or maybe they will find nothing at all there. You’re going to have to keep reading for all the chilling details!

So Ryan decides to take his team to the West Virginia Penitentiary tonight on Paranormal State on A&E, a place he visited 6 months earlier with only Chad there for video. Ryan was so terrified by his experience that he vowed he would not return, yet he did. Ryan chose not to elaborate more than the fact that he heard a woman laughing at him in the warden’s tower of the penitentiary.

The PRS team was given a tour of the facility by the current warden and groundskeeper and they were chilled to learn that the facility was full of bloodshed, murder, rape and drugs. One famous inmate, Red Snyder was murdered in his cell there and was said to roam the grounds wreaking havoc on those who dare to enter. Immediately upon entering the facility, medium Michelle picked up this energy throughout the building.

Upon conducting their first night of dead time, half of the team were all alone in different locations within the penitentiary. Sergey heard banging sounds were caught on tape, and Heather felt like someone was following her, but no video evidence was caught on this. The next night, the second half of the team was sent up there and had similar experiences. I was disappointed as I thought this place would definitely leave us with some video evidence.


The PRS team on Paranormal State on A&E was slightly annoyed with Ryan for not sharing the entire story with him, all they could do was guess that it had something to do with his childhood experiences which they also knew nothing about. Ryan decided to take them into the warden’s tower, only to uncover an inverted pentagram which usually indicates devil worship.

Shocked by this discovery, the team is still unsure of what happened to Ryan, but again he refused to elaborate and got offended when they tried to kid around with him…must have been something serious. The only footage we see from 6 months ago is Ryan letting out a few yells and what looks like running from who knows what.

The Paranormal State team on A&E decide to dig further into the history of the grounds itself. They learn that it is also an indian burial ground. A historian of the grounds advised them that due the nature of the building, the souls buried here are surely not happy and could also be haunting the facility, a double whammy so to speak.

Despite not filling in the team on his experience, Ryan decided he needed to go back into the warden’s tower to confront whatever it was that got to him 6 months ago. He spent his dead time up there and aside from a few minor things that could be debunked there is not much activity aside from Ryan yelling that he is moving on. I think this was more about Ryan facing his fears than anything.

In closing, Ryan’s objective was to make his team feel something that they had not felt in a long time and it worked stirring up emotions in all of them that they had lost over their time at PRS. Father Bob came in to do some blessings over the pentagram and the burial ground in attempt to free the souls so they may move on. I was really expecting more out of this episode and was very disappointed. I hope Ryan spills his secrets soon to both his team and his loyal viewers, we will not think any less of you!

Be sure to join us next Tues at 10 pm EST on A&E for a brand new episode of Paranormal State.

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