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Tabatha’s Salon Takeover Season Finale: Earth, Moon, Sun Salon

January 12, 2010 09:51 PM by Jennifer


Tabatha Coffey goes out with a bang on tonight’s season finale of  Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVOwhen she walks into Earth, Moon, Sun, a  departmentalized salon in Western Springs, Illinois.  Owner Janeen, who originally opened the salon with her sister (who abandoned the business) has no idea what she is in for when she sees what goes on in her salon, or what Tabatha has in store for her and her stylists. Keep reading to see what happens!


Tabatha takes Janeen  to see a video what goes on in the salon during the day. They watch as one of her receptionists, Jen, belches as she does an assistant’s makeup in the salon. They also see another receptionist eating at the front desk, and that the Manager of the salon, Nicole, is sitting in the office all day. To make matters worse, Janeen, Nicole, and the rest of the staff of the salon are drinking alcohol while they work on clients!

After the video of the shocking behavior of the staff, Tabatha meets with them and lets them know that they are not only unprofessional, but they act like kids in the salon. Tabatha also brings in a client who was in for a cut with one of the stylists, Katie, and she was clearly pissed off that layers were put in her hair when she specifically asked for it not to be done that way. Tabatha asks the client if she would return, and surprise, she says no. I wouldn’t go back either, would you?


 When talking to the staff on tonight’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO, Tabatha finds out that they are really sick of Nicole’s attitude and that she just comes and goes as she pleases and spends more time grooming herself than actually working.  Tabatha tells them she is bringing in more clients in so she can evaluate their work.

Tabatha makes Nicole stay on the salon floor with her, and Nicole ends up running and hiding in the office. She pulls her back out onto the floor and asks her what she does in there all day. All Nicole can give her is excuse after excuse. After dealing with Nicole and her attitude, Tabatha checks on the other stylists, pointing out how they are making a ton of mistakes, and they act like they have no idea what they are doing as hairdressers. Janeen clearly needs help in the salon, and this group is just not going to cut it.

Tabatha tries to knock some sense into the staff by bringing them to a local ritzy restaurant, so they can do the hair of models who are doing a fashion show at the restaurant. While all of the stylists and owner Janeen are busy working on the models, Nicole is doing what she usually does, standing around doing nothing.  Tabatha decides this is the perfect time for Janeen to market the salon to the women who are in the restaurant waiting to see the fashion show. After the show, Tabatha takes the staff back to the salon, where she asks them to bring her all the liquor that is in the salon. The staff brings up enough liquor to open up a bar, and Tabatha tosses it in the trash.


Speaking of trashing, Tabatha tells the staff the next step in turning the business around is to renovate the salon on this season finale of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO.  She sends the staff home and tells them to be prepared and get some rest for the grand re-opening of the salon. After a few days, the staff returns to find a more open floorplan, and they are happy with the change, although Nicole said she could care less. She also gives Tabatha an attitude, and shouts across the salon like a nut to Janeen. Meanwhile, Tabatha deals with Katie, another stylist, who she says is the worst hairdresser she has ever seen, and has no business being in a salon. Katie’s client is unhappy with her cut, and Tabatha agrees to finish the cut because, what a shocker, the Manager of the salon, Nicole, is nowhere to be found.


Tabatha meets with Janeen and recommends that Katie continue her education, and step back from styling. As far as Nicole, Tabatha tells her she needs to be proactive, and Nicole just bats her eyelashes and lets it go in one ear and out the other. She also tells the other stylists to keep up the good work, and that Janeen needs to be more in sync with her staff. Tabatha returns the key to the salon to Janeen, and hopes from this point on, her business will thrive.

Tabatha returns to the salon six weeks after leaving, and Janeen tells her the staff has been improving their hairstyling techniques, but that nothing has changed with Nicole, that she is still being lazy. When Tabatha leaves the salon, Janeen calls her and tells her that she has finally fired Nicole, and thanks her for turning her salon around. Another great season ending takeover!

This season has been a great one, from drunk stylists, to cockroach filled salons. I know I will miss this show and can’t wait till it returns! See you next season for another crazy ride on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO !

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