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American Idol: Alumni Weigh In On News That Simon Is Leaving

January 13, 2010 03:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Everyone is buzzing about the recent announcement that Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol. EW.com recently met up with five former contestants including Melinda Doolittle, Brooke White, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, and Megan Joy to hear their feelings on the depressing news…

When asked how the show will do minus Simon, Brooke White said, “I want to say yes [Idol can survive without Simon], but I think I have to say no. Because it’s not just Simon leaving. Paula’s leaving too. And it’s season 9 now. The intrinsic formula [is changing]. I wish it was about the contestants, but the truth is we get replaced every year, and people are used to that. But what they do have is a constant, and that’s the judges. There’s comfort knowing when they turn on the TV, these judges they trust can help them make a decision. That familiarity is going to be missing [in season 9 and even more so in season 10]. And initially, that will make people tune in out of curiosity. But will it have longevity? Will it stick? I don’t know.”

Matt Giraud had a slightly different spin on things. “No offense to Paula, ’cause I love her more than life, but it’s going to be harder to replace Simon than it is to replace Paula. People take his word as the final opinion. And a lot of people will find it confusing to not see Simon’s opinion on every performance. He has that blunt thing,” he said.

Anoop Desai remains positive. He added, “I think the show can survive without Simon. When the show first started it was a lot more dependent on that ‘Simon Cowell personality,’ and that’s still a big drawing point for the show. But it’s also come into its own as part of the American psyche. At its core, the show is still about talent being discovered, and America likes going on the journey with those people, regardless of who the judges are.”

To hear what all the alumni said, check out the Popwatch blog on EW.com.

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