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Launch My Line: Distressed Out

January 13, 2010 09:26 PM by Lisa Princ


With only five teams remaining tonight on a brand new episode of Launch My Line on BRAVO, Dan & Dean surprise the design teams with some tough inspiration. One team of designers will take their creation to the extreme, but to which extreme and will it hurt their chances of winning? Who will wow the judges tonight and who’s line is going to be dropped this week? And with Marilyn and Coco gone, where oh where will we get our weekly dose of drama? Keep reading for all the fashion filled details!!

So even after the dismissal of Marilyn and Coco last week on Launch My Line on BRAVO we didn’t have any lack of stress tonight. Dan & Dean send Lisa in who takes the designers to a denim factory where they distress denim. The designers then must distress three feet of one of their fabrics that they were blindly asked to bring along.

Louanna & Kathy both used the iron to crease their fabrics, although Louanna was not pleased that Kathy took her idea, so after a few words and choice look exchanges, Kathy changed hers a bit. Eric used a blowtorch on his tie dyed fabric to create some lines and make the color bleed even more while Merle chose to fringe her heavy fabric. Patrick who brought along a delicate piece of red chiffon, had no choice but use a blowtorch on his fabric to create holes as all the other distress methods would have destroyed his fabric….what a poor choice, if he had only known ahead of time!

Then the teams were given their inspiration on Launch My Line on BRAVO, but it was not they expected: each other! Each team was to choose a designer only as their inspiration, but no one could be used twice. You could tell almost immediately how much fun this was going to be. Everyone was stressing out a bit this week due to the inspiration being so difficult, but Kathy and Emil were having some disputes which is not normal for these two as they usually make a perfect team. Ugh, I hope we don’t have another Marilyn and Coco on our hands.


Here is how our teams fared with their stressful inspirations this week:

Patrick and Roberto:
Patrick and Roberto chose Eric as their inspiration. They decided to create a look based on Eric’s style. Since Eric is a club DJ, they decided to do a short, club/party dress that was made from the red chiffon that Patrick had distressed earlier. Into this they incorporated some black lace, however I would have lost the fish net stockings which made the outfit look cheap and tacky.

Merle and Thai:
Merle and Thai chose Louanna as their inspiration this week. They chose to do something chic and elegant while simple. They created a lovely maroon dress with a shawl like garment that could be changed to a belt, a scarf, etc. They topped this with a jacket that was made of the fringed fabric Merle had distressed earlier.

Kathy and Emil:
Kathy and Emil who tried to chose a few designers but got knocked down as someone else had already chosen, ended up with Merle. They used a beige color since it’s one of Merle’s favorite, and they incorporated a feather into the belt since Merle is a writer. The back of the dress, however was extremely low….there is no way I would that dress out, it was very daring and over the top. Would it be too over the top to keep her line?

Eric and Galina:
Eric and Galina chose Patrick for their inspiration as they thought he was fun and outrageous. They did a longer club dress made from the tie dyed fabric that Eric had distressed. While not totally “Dandy” it was definitely a good choice and consistent with the rest of Eric’s line. I love Eric’s designs, they are always so much fun and so hip.

Louanna and Jim:
Louanna and Jim chose Kathy. They decided to do jeans since they were at the denim factory earlier and because Kathy loves jeans. They created a simple rose colored top after Kathy “Rose” but the top fell flat for me. Jim explained that he was at fault for the plain top because the jeans took so long but he told Louanna they could do it.


Now it was judgement time on Launch My Line on BRAVO and Eric was informed immediately that he was safe. After reviewing the other lines with the designers, Merle and Kathy were told they were the top two of the evening. I guess the judges loved the risk that Kathy took and didn’t find her dress too over the top. Merle, however was the winner of tonight’s challenge…oddly enough she had a speech ready thinking she would be sent home!

That meant that Patrick and Louanna were the bottom two this week. As Roberto and Jim watched, you could see the disappointment in their eyes. The judges reviewed both lines carefully and seemed to be torn on who to send home. Finally they came back and announced that Louanna was safe and that Patrick’s line would be dropped. While Patrick may not have been the best designer, I am disappointed by this because he and Roberto were so much fun to watch and I personally liked their designs. Oh well, hopefully this is not the last we will see of these two. Best of luck “Dandy”, we will miss you!

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm to Launch My Line on BRAVO as it is the last episode before the finale!

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