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American Idol 9 Auditions: Best and Worst From Boston

January 15, 2010 07:36 AM by Christine McDow


This week we saw the premiere of American Idol in both Boston and Atlanta.  We have compiled some of the best and the worst auditions from each city in video format for you and we want you to vote on the ones you like, and dislike the most.

Starting last year the producers at FOX decided to show us more good auditions than the bad and funny ones.  Personally I love the bad and funny ones and believe in most cases that the people trying out know they suck, but are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame.  Of course in some case they are bad and really think good.

The Best

There are several we liked, who the judges also liked.  What did you think of these?  Click below to see the videos and then you can decide.

Leah Laurenti


Ashley Rodriguez


Justin Williams


Katie Stevens


Tyler Grady


Maddie Curtis


Amadeo Diricco


The Worst:

Some of the guys and gals auditioning were not as good.  If there was a competition for the worst singer, we think the next group of singers would be in the running.  What do you think?

Andrew Fenlon


Norberto Guerrero


Derek Hilton


Pat Ford


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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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