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Giuliana & Bill: Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

January 17, 2010 07:54 PM by Jennifer


On tonight’s episode of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network, the couple takes a break from baby-making, and embarks on a trip to Maryland to participate in a race to benefit kidney cancer research, in memory of Bill’s dad. Will they make it across the finish line? You’ll have to read more to find out!


Before their trip, Giuliana tells Bill that she wants to reveal to the family that they are trying to get pregnant.  Bill asks her to keep it under wraps, because they do not want to jump the gun.  Giuliana agrees and the two head off on their trip. 

When the couple arrives in Maryland, Giuliana goes for a day out with her girlfriends that she has not seen since she was in high school. Giuliana and the girls talk about all the barely legal things they did when they were younger, and she tells them that she and Bill are trying to have a baby… after all, Bill didn’t technically say she couldn’t tell her friends, right?  Meanwhile,  Bill spends some quality time with Giuliana’s family, who live nearby.  Bill barely understands a word Giuliana’s mother says because she speaks Italian. She was trying to tell Bill what to pick up at the grocery store for a family dinner that evening, and from the looks of things, he understood her pretty well.  Bill helps his mother in law prepare for dinner, then meets up with Giuliana at the race.


When Giuliana & Bill get to the starting line of the race, Giuliana decides it is time for the trash talk to begin by telling Bill she will beat him.  The couple have a good time running the race, and they cross the finish line together. Afterwards,  Bill reminisces about his dad, whom he lost to cancer, and how he hopes one day to be a good father as well.

That evening after the race, on this episode of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network, Giuliana’s family sits down for a big family dinner, and Bill’s mom Gail is there as well.  During dinner, the loaded question comes up… “When will you two have kids?”  Giuliana & Bill give each other that “what should we tell them?” look, and Giuliana decides to spill the beans about them trying to have a baby. Bill gets mad at his wife because he thought before they left for this trip that they had decided to wait before telling anyone about their plans. Bill just does not want to jinx anything…should he be worried?

Will Giuliana breaking the news early make Bill decide to wait a little longer to have a baby, or will the couple soon be a party of three?

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM EST for the next exciting episode of
Giuliana & Bill on The Style Network. See you after the show!!

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