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Worst Cooks In America: It’s All In The Seasoning

January 17, 2010 09:30 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network our 8 remaining culinary disasters are put through their toughest challenges yet. With a few surprises from Anne & Beau, who will buckle under the pressure and who will move on to the next round? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

For their first challenge this week on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network the aspiring cooks are informed by Anne & Beau that they will be doing a semi blind challenge. Beau & Anne demonstrated how to make crepes, and they would have to come up with some way to make them unique and tasty, basically to put their signature spin on things. What they didn’t know was that whoever whichever team’s chef won would get to make a chef swap taking one chef from the other team while passing off one of their own chefs to the other team.

All of the contestants seem to struggle with what to make and how to make it, I wonder if they will ever learn. Rebecca ended up burning milk, while it took Jen ages to open a wine bottle. Then Anne & Beau returned to taste the dishes, disagreeing on the seasoning along the way as Anne seems to be salt obsessed. Once they finally agreed on the 2 recipes that were the best on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network the contestants were called back in. The winning dish belonged to Jen V. and the runner up was Rebecca, but this was blind test so neither Beau nor Anne knew who won until they announced which letter dish won.

Ecstatic that his team won the challenge, Beau decided to go ahead and choose a student from Anne’s team to join his team. Surprisingly he choose Jennie and I think Anne was just as shocked as I that he did not choose Eddie who seemed to be the strongest member of the red team. Then it was time to send a member of the blue team over to Anne on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network and Beau chose Sophia to join Anne’s team as she had never won a challenge with him he stated.


Next up Anne & Beau showed the students how to marinade beef and fish and then grill them to perfection. The students next challenge would to create a marinade for a protein based on one of four countries: Spain, Thailand, France, or Greece. Each contestant would get a different dish, they would need to create their own marinade based on the ingredients from the country they chose and then cook the dish to perfection. But it didn’t end there…..they would also be cooking for 5 so that every member of their team would get to taste and critique their dish. They would also have to make a side dish chosen by Anne & Beau.

While everyone seemed to struggle with this challenge as well, both Jennie and Jen seemed to have it together. Rebecca also looked confident and sure, while Susie completely went against the rules and used her own comfortable ingredients for her marinade. When Beau saw this, he made her start over. Sophia also did not do well at all. After being scolded by Anne for not washing her hands after touching raw chicken, she did not get her chicken on soon enough so when time ran out, her chicken was still raw and could not be served.

Finally it was judgement time on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network. Beau started by stating he had a tough decision as he had two great efforts tonight, but ultimately Jennie, his newest team member won the challenge on his team. He went on to give props to the runner up, Jen V. and let her know that she was safe as well although did not win. This left Susie and Marque in the bottom two and despite his disappointment in Marque, Beau must see something in him because he told Susie she was going home this week.

Next up it was Anne’s turn and I think it was pretty clear who she was going to send home. Eddie who was overly confident was told his dish was not as good as he thought, and he has a huge problem with presentation. Anne went on to claim Rebecca the winner of the red team this week, and then told Rachel she was also safe. Despite her pleas to allow her to stay on (and a breakdown at the tasting table) Sophia was sent home on the red team this week.

Best of luck to both Susie and Sophia, hopefully they will continue to learn and become better cooks! Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network. See you after the show!

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2 Responses to “Worst Cooks In America: It’s All In The Seasoning”

  1. Sophiaayalagettys Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Sophia Ayala Gettys from Worst Cooks here:) Just wanted to let you know, I AM still cooking… actually pursuing a career in culinary arts! And since the show, I have lost 40lbs and counting by eating healthy homecooked meals and working out! This expirience changed my life! The end of the road for me on worst cooks was the beginning of the new and happier, confident me! THanks for the shout out!

  2. Lisa Princ Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Hi Sophia,

    Wow, thank you so much for the update!! Congrats on the weight loss, that is wonderful. Having been there myself I know what a struggle it is (especially when you are a SAHM)…major kudos to you for not giving up on cooking healthy and losing weight!!! Keep us updated, we would love to hear from you again :-)



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