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The Bachelor: Someone is Sent Home Early Again!

January 18, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


Hot on the heels of last week’s scandal on The Bachelor, where one of the bachelorettes, Rozalyn, was asked to leave due to an inappropriate relationship with an ABC staffer, we’re promised yet another juicy shocker tonight! Apparently, someone will once again leave prematurely! Read on for all the highlights!

Vienna scores the first one-on-one date with Jake this week – and she’s thrilled. She tells the other girls that this is his opportunity to see her fun side. Michelle, predictably, is put out that she wasn’t chosen, and Ali admits it’s weird to see him going on another one-on-one since theirs was so special.

One-on-one Date

While Vienna and Jake head out, she quizzes him about the nature of their date. They board a helicopter, and Jake tells the camera that he has deliberately kept Vienna in the dark about what they will be doing – since he can’t bear to think about it himself! The helicopter takes them to an extremely high bridge over rocks. Jake confesses that even though he’s a pilot, he’s terrified of heights!

Preparing to bungee jump off the bridge, both Vienna and Jake are panicking, but he is definitely in worse shape! The cling to one another as they go for it. Then, dangling high in mid-air, Jake kisses her! He says that they got through this as a couple – he’s seen a side of Vienna he really likes! Later, they toast each other and agree that they’re glad they did it, and glad they did it together!

They head indoors and snug down in front of a fire to discuss what they want out of a relationship. Jake says he’s seen a different, and more mature side to Vienna – he offers her a rose.


Back at the bachelorette house, the card arrives for the group date. It’s Corrie, Elizabeth, Jessie, Ali, Tenley, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Ashleigh, and Michelle who are asked to go. Michelle is sour about having to be part of a group date. Others are certain that Vienna will not get a rose and will not return.

Vienna comes back to the house and reveals her rose to the other girls. She describes their first kiss after the bungee jump, and how they connected on the remainder of their date. Ashleigh and Ali are both stumped as to how she pulled it off!

Group Date

The girls all greet Jake, who takes them to a comedy club and introduces them to Jon Lovitz! Jon tells them that Jake wanted to see a comedy show – and the girls are the show! Elizabeth is terrified as Jon explains that he’ll help them with their stand-up routines!

Back at the house, the card arrives for the next one-on-one date – it’s for Ella! The card says, “Let’s lift off to another world.” Ella is excited, but Vienna spoils things by going on and on about her date. Gia remarks that she just doesn’t know when to stop talking!

At the comedy club, Ashleigh is crying at the prospect of going on stage. Jake is summoned and comes to give her a joke to tell. Jon Lovitz gives the girls one last pep talk – and stuns them by announcing that they will do their acts for Jake – and a live audience!

Jon Lovitz warms up the crowd, and Ali takes the stage first. She gamely asks why Tigger was looking in the toilet – for Pooh! Tenley takes her turn and is brief, Elizabeth is raunchy, and Kathryn calls Jake down for a kiss on her turn. Michelle draws jeers from the crowd with her bad, crude jokes about her coconuts and hole!


Ashleigh passes when she’s called to the stage, so Corrie gets up and does impressions of the other girls – especially Vienna – Jake notes that they obviously see a different side of her than he does – it worries him. Ashleigh gives it her best shot next – she reads her jokes and gets off quickly. Jake hugs her for coming through!

They head to a penthouse for the rest of the group date. There is a group hot tub and fondue! Tenley takes Jake off to tell him about her past. She says she was married before and her husband had an affair and left her. Jake hugs her. He says he likes her more, and respects her for telling him about her divorce.

Ashleigh goes off with Jake next. She is concerned that if he is interested in Vienna, he won’t like her. Ashleigh tells him her negative feelings about Vienna, saying they were all hurt by her crowing about the intimate parts of their date. Jake is worried that they all dislike Vienna.

Back at the house, Vienna is embroiled in a confrontation with the other girls, including Gia and Ella, who basically tell her that she’s fake and no one likes her. Vienna storms off upstairs and starts a letter to Jake.


Jake is now talking to Ali, who is relieved to have the opportunity to reconnect with Jake after their special one-on-one date. She also mentions her hurt at seeing Vienna, who is so fundamentally different from her, come back with a rose. Jake tells her he only sees what the girl shows him. Jake then worries to the camera that he doesn’t know how to keep all of these women happy!

Michelle is obsessing about getting Jake alone. Ali and the others try to come across to her, but she becomes defensive and upset. Elizabeth comments that Michelle needs a therapist before she needs a husband. When she gets her chance with Jake, Michelle is tear-streaked and informs him that she really needs a husband. Jake says he believes her!


Michelle asks to kiss him, but isn’t satisfied with what he ‘gives her’. She informs him that she thinks she should go. Jake says this is the second time she’s threatened to go – it would be best if she did go! Jake puts her in a cab and remarks that she made it easy – love is a two-way street and she doesn’t know how to get there.

Jake returns to tell the other girls that Michelle is gone, and to inform them that he’s not giving a rose to anyone tonight. He bids them goodnight.

One-on-One Date

Jake arrives to pick up Ella, telling her she looks beautiful. He explains to the camera that he felt bad that she didn’t get to spend her recent birthday with her young son, so he has plenty of surprises planned. They go off in a helicopter, with Ella vowing to show him the woman she is!

Back at the house, Vienna apologizes to the other girls. Ali informs her that everyone in the house has felt the need to walk away from her at some point because she has spoken badly about another girl. Vienna cries, but the others aren’t moved – she just wants a quick fix.

Ella is thinking of her son while in the helicopter. Jake tells her they are going to Sea World. Jake feels the connection with Ella. He mentions that her biggest surprise is yet to come. They sit on a bench to discuss her birthday present – and her son walks up! Ella embraces him, and Jake introduces himself. Together, the three of them go to spend some quality time with Shamu!. Ella watches Jake interact with her son and thinks he’d make a wonderful father!


As Ethan plays on the grass, Ella and Jake discuss the hypothetical possibility of being engaged at the end of the process. Ella admits she wants a family, and to have more children. Jake and Ella soon have to say goodbye to Ethan. Jake says he saw today that she is a great mother. He offers her a rose, saying he is 100% sure.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Jake arrives admitting that he will be letting women go who he doesn’t really want to at this point. Jake takes Elizabeth aside for alone time. She flirts outrageously, and Jake feels he’s with the queen of mixed signals – he’s not supposed to kiss her, yet she’s all over him! He confronts her about playing games and being a tease. Vienna interrupts, and Elizabeth runs back to the other girls to vent.

After Vienna whines to Jake about the other girls attacking her, Elizabeth is back for another round. Jake tries to explain, but ends up feeling like Elizabeth doesn’t really know herself yet, and she’s trying to control the situation so she doesn’t get hurt.

Chris calls for the Rose Ceremony to begin. Jake is feeling disillusioned with the process, that he imagined would be like a fairy tale. Jake thanks all the ladies for putting their lives on hold, and explains that this decision was awful to make.

Gia, Corrie, Tenley, Ali, Jessie, Kathryn, and Ashleigh receive roses from Jake. Ella and Vienna already had roses. Elizabeth and Valishia have to leave. Valishia is used to disappointment, and Elizabeth is disappointed.

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