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American Idol 9 January 19, 2010 – Chicago Audtions!

January 19, 2010 07:02 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest announces that this week on Fox, the search for the next American Idol has brought them to the jewel of the midwest – the windy city – Chicago! Since it is the hometown of the President, a befitting welcome was given, including marching bagpipe players! Over 12,000 hopefuls have come out for their shot. The guest judge tonight is country superstar, Shania Twain! Simon Cowell greets her enthusiastically. Read on for highlights!


Katelyn Epperley’s mother talked her into finally trying out for American Idol. She tells the judges she was spurred to finally do this because her parents recently split up. Katelyn is singing Syrup and Honey by Duffy. The judges are impressed, but would like to see her do something perkier. They all give her ‘yes’s – she’s going to Hollywood!

The next contestant is Amy Lang, who is not only excited to meet Ryan Seacrest, but feels she is bound for Broadway. After telling Ryan she once had an inappropriate dream about him, she heads in to face the panel. Amy announces that she will be singing an Aretha Franklin song, then pretends to faint on the floor! Her vocals aren’t impressive, but her boob antics are fairly amusing. Unfortunately, she’s not taking her boob-flex to Hollywood.


Charity Vance, from Arkansas, is the hopeful who will try her luck next. She’s been watching Idol since she was eight years-old. Summertime is the tune she’ll be singing. Charity has a pleasant, sassy voice. Randy describes it as small, but interesting. Shania is also pleasantly surprised. Simon tells her she sounded great. They all say ‘yes’!

After numerous ‘characters’ parade in front of the American Idol judges, their patience is wearing extremely thin. Only four golden tickets have been given out by the time the last audition of the day comes about.

Angela Martin has been to Idol several times and is back now for the fourth time, the last time was Season 8, when she made it to the Top 50, but had to drop out due to a warrant. She sings a Mary J. Blige song for the judges, who are thrilled with her performance. Simon remarks that she’s just plain good’! Kara says she’s better this time around, and deserves a break. It’s ‘yes’s across the board – she’s Hollywood-bound again!


Day 2

Curley Newbern is up in front of the judges in Chicago. His peculiarly high voice makes Simon laugh – it’s not long before the others join in. Curley walks out while the judges are pulling themselves together.

Many others go in and come out throughout the morning without a golden ticket. Soon, it’s time for Bryan Krause, who used to sing for the troops when he was in the army. He does a Tiny Tim tune, and the judges ask if he’s joking with them. Bryan tells them he’s not. He’s sent home, where he looks forward to a hot bubble bath.

The next hopeful of, er, note, is Harold Davis, who claims to be the master of holding a note for a very long time. He launches into his tune for the judges, but Simon stops him. They all give him a ‘no’ – his vocals aren’t where they need to be. Harold breaks down in tears.

It’s been quite a while since a golden ticket has been given out, and the series of no-hopes continue making the judges’ day feel long.


John Park can only truly express himself to people through music. He tries his luck with the disillusioned judges. His voice is rich and rather impressive. Shania leaps in by telling him she was surprised – and that he has a nice bottom end! They laugh at the double-entendre, but they each give him a ‘yes’ in the end.

Paige Dechausse came up in a limo for her try-out today. She had a terrible asthma attack when she was younger that nearly killed her. Paige tells the judges she’ll sing a Sam Cooke song. Simon tells her it was self-indulgent, but the other three see potential – they put her through! Her family is overwhelmed!

Thirteen golden tickets were given out in total in Chicago! The judges head out to the next stop – Orlando, Florida!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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