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Millionaire Matchmaker Season Premiere: Hauling For Love

January 19, 2010 09:50 PM by Jennifer


The guru of matchmaking is back for another exciting season of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Tonight, Patti Stanger tries to find love  for skeptical millionaires Nick and Omar, and has also landed something for herself…  Will she be able to steer these guys in the right direction, or will they end up alone with their cash?  Keep reading to see if this season starts off with cupid’s arrow hitting it’s mark, or end up hitting these guys in their wallets!


Patti has a new addition in the form of a 4 carat heart shaped engagement ring, and is in the process of planning her wedding, although she would rather elope! But her hubby-to-be wants the big wedding, so she has alot to plan. But for now she needs to focus on Patti’s newest clients, Nick and Omar, who are roommates and owners of a trash removal company that prides themselves in using hunks to haul junk.

Omar is looking for a woman who’s dream date would be to haul trash with him, because that way he will know she isn’t just into him for his money. Hello!?! This is the Millionaire Matchmaker we are talking about here, money is obviously a factor for the women that Patti’s club attracts. Nick, on the other hand, is an immature guy who talks like a gangster rapper and has hair that according to Patti really needs a cut. He says he is just along for the ride, and is skeptical that Patti can find him love. He doesn’t look for relationship material, he looks for blonde bimbos instead.

She has Omar meet with her number one Life coach, Matt, to discuss where his obsession with girls being interested on only his moneycomes from. She also points out that in L.A., the only girl who is going to want to haul anything with him would be an unattractive zero, that women in L.A. are high maintenance. She also reminds him that the woman who sign up with her club are not allowed to ask anything financial about him, and if they do they are fined $10,000. Matt tells him he needs to look deeper into people, and he and Patti try and design different date ideas for him. He is set on a girl who will haul junk with him, no matter what Patti tells him.

As for Nick, Patti tells him that if he is serious about meeting his future wife, he needs to look deeper than the girl’s beautiful looks. He is still skeptical, but agrees to follow her lead.


Patti and her crew of Destin, her Chief Operating Officer, his fiance Rachel, who is the registration Director, and Chelsea, the Vice President of Matchmaking, set off to screen girls for a mixer they will host for Omar and Nick on this episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Patti is clearly happy when she see the girls that show up to the casting, and it seems to be going well, until she meets a few girls that definitely needed to rethink their outfits before leaving the house, and they were not hot enough for Patti. They have less than 24 hours to find worthy women, so Patti digs deep into her database of women and comes up with some she thinks will peak the millionaire’s interests.

The next evening at the mixer, Nick and Omar walk in, and Patti is stunned that Nick did not take her advice and cut his hair. Only in L.A. can you get on the phone and have a stylist show up at a moments notice. Voila! new do. He may not like it at first, but maybe the ladies will!

The guys speak with several women, and after a few drinks Patti and her crew ask the guys which girls they like. Nick meets with Dakota, an older woman whose independence kind of freaked him out. Then he meets with Carlie, a waitress from L.A. who he is attracted to and is comfortable being with. But he goes against his blonde history and ends up picking Dakota.

On the other side of the restaurant, Omar meets with Farah, and it is clear that he is really nervous, and they seem to run out of things to talk about. Then he meets with Rachel, who said she would like to go on a date that is out of her comfort zone, and that seems to make a bell go off in Omar’s head. He ends up choosing Rachel because he said he had a gut feeling about her.


He went with his gut alright, as he picks up Rachel in his garbage hauling truck, and she seemed to be cool with the idea. After they spend the entire day clearing out someones garage, he takes her out for dinner, where he tells her that Patti told him to take her on a hot air balloon ride, which he clearly should have done. The date went downhill from there. When Patti found out, she made him call and apologize, and she agrees to give him another chance. But in the end, she’s gone, and all this hunk is left with is his junk!

Nick, however, picks his date up in his red Rolls Royce, and the two drive around Los Angeles sightseeing, and hit it off really well. They go to dinner and end up locking lips. He followed Patti’s advice on this one, and it turns out that Patti succeeded on this one, and the two are still dating.

Will Patti have a perfect record this season? Will she elope? You will have to watch and see! I know I will!

Tune in next Tuesday at 10PM EST to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo to see if Patti can make another love connection! See you after the show!

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