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Paranormal State: Shadows in Alabama

January 19, 2010 09:37 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on an all new episode of Paranormal State on A&E, the team travels to Alabama to help a mother and her 2 daughters that are so terrified of what they have experienced in their home, they have moved out! What will Ryan and the PRS team find there, or is it just in their heads? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

The Paranormal State team on A&E heads to Alabama tonight to help Georgiana and her 2 daughters as they have moved out of their home due to the paranormal activity. They have claims of shadow figures, even a picture that one of them took as well as some creepy evp recordings telling them to get out.

Upon their investigation, Ryan decided to see if the shadow in the picture could be ruled as something else. He is informed by an expert that what he sees in that picture could be something paranormal as everything they have looked into would not cause that sort of shadow in a picture. Immediately upon touring the house, Ryan feels a “bee sting” on his back but when it is examined, it looks more like a pinch mark than anything else.

Next they conduct dead time on Paranormal State on A&E with Katrina in the basement and the rest of the gang in the home. Katrina gets a scare, but as it turns out it is nothing more than human activity due to the echoes of the basement. That did manage to make me jump though!


Ryan and the PRS team did feel they experienced something during dead time although we saw little evidence. Ryan, thinking he saw something went into another room and tried to provoke but aside from strange feelings we didn’t see anything on this end. I was left wondering if these ladies are really losing their minds or not.

The team decided to dig deeper into the history of the home on Paranormal State on A&E. Upon doing so, they learned the home was built in the 20′s and was near a coal mine. The historians they spoke with informed them that this land was the place for many deaths, all different types.

Ryan informed Georgiana of his findings into the history and asked her to have the home blessed. Reluctant to go to her Rabbi about it, they decided to do a blessing of their own with candles. This case was left open so we are left wondering if they ever moved back into the home or not. They vowed never to go back until whatever was in there had left. Upon closing, we did learn that Georgiana decided she would seek the help of her Rabbi. I hope they give us an update on this one!

Be sure to join us next Tues at 10 pm EST on A&E for a brand new episode of Paranormal State.

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