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American Idol 9 January 20, 2010 – Orlando Auditions!

January 20, 2010 07:03 PM by Candace Young


Tonight, FOX takes the American Idol 9 auditions to Orlando Florida in search of talented hopefuls to send to Hollywood. 10,000 enthusiastic contestants greet Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, and guest judge Kristen Chenoweth – the darling of the American stage! Orlando is known as the place where dreams come true…how many will this be true for tonight? Read on…

Day 1

A glitzed up young man named Theo Glinton , who wants to run a line of hair salons, parades before the judges and says he’ll sing a Pat Benetar song. He comes across powerfully, but Simon informs him that he yelled the song. The others say ‘no’ as well. Theo receives fashion advice before exiting.

A series of no-hopes, including a person dressed as a chicken, begin to grate on Simon, but Kristen and Kara indulge in a lot of giggly girl power moments, which further irritates grumpy, road-weary Simon, who tells one contestant her voice sounded like she sat on a cat!

One memorable audition today is a young father and husband whose child is autistic. Someone To Watch Over Me is Seth Rollins’s song choice. He has a beautiful, controlled voice, and the judges all compliment his song choice. They all say ‘yes’ – he’s going to Hollywood!


The next contestant tried his luck on American Idol in Season 7, and decided to give it another shot this time around. Jermaine Purifory sings a Tony Bennett song for the judges. Kristen loves him. Randy says it was the best audition he’s heard yet this season! It’s ‘yes’s across the board for Jermaine!

The last audition of the day is a young woman who grew up not being able to smile properly due to a disorder. She is very nervous as she heads in to see the judges. Shelby Dressel tells Simon she is going to sing a Norah Jones song. The judges are totally enjoying her tune, when suddenly she forgets the lyrics. She swears, which causes them all to break up laughing! All the judges put her through to Hollywood!

Eighteen in all go through on Day 1 in Orlando!

Day 2

Jay Stone kicks off the second day of auditions with a curious beatbox style which impresses Randy and Kara to no end. Simon gives him a definite ‘no’, but Kara wants him through – she appeals to Randy to side with her. Randy comes through and Jay Stone gets the golden ticket!


A series of girls with great dance moves, and decent voices, go before the judges, and get through to Hollywood.

The next male is Cornelius Edwards, who is singing a Tina Turner song. His big dance move is a Russian, followed by the splits, which results in ripped open pants – and an abrupt end to his song! The judges hastily put him through!

Two sisters, Amanda and Bernadette Disimone, who work with their mom in her salon, charm Ryan Seacrest before heading in together to audition for the judges. Bernadette goes first, followed by Amanda. Kara and Randy give them both ‘yes’s, but somewhat reluctantly. Simon liked one girl better than the other, but puts them both through!

Next up, is Jarrod Norrell, who believes he has a great voice, singing Amazing Grace. It turns out he has a very nasal, gravelly voice. Kara asks, “What was that?” She is in disbelief, and says it sounded like a lawn mower. Simon dismisses him, but Jarrod wants to keep singing his tune. Randy calls security, who come in to escort Jarrod from the room – he puts up quite a struggle and ends up leaving in cuffs!


The last contestant of Day 2 has come for redemption. When he was in high school he had a desire for adventure – he got into trouble by robbing a bank with a BB gun, and spent four years in jail! The cowboy-esque hopeful heads in to see the judges. He introduces himself as Matt Lawrence and says he’ll be singing a song called Trouble. He has a great voice! Simon calls the performance ‘brilliant’! Kara completely agrees, and Randy concurs – he’s through to Hollywood!

31 contestants in total made their dream come true in Orlando. Next week, American Idol is back home in Los Angeles!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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  1. crazzymissy06 Says:
    January 20th, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I think the last one tonight was amazing. He is handsom and i LOVE his voice. i think i have a idol crush. :) would love to meet him. Matt Lawrence that is .


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