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Launch My Line: The Finalists Are Revealed!

January 20, 2010 09:28 PM by Lisa Princ


After bidding farewell to Patrick & Roberto last week on Launch My Line on BRAVO we were left with only four teams. Tonight on a brand new episode, our four remaining teams sew it out to see which three teams will make it into the finale next week for a chance to have their line launched! Wondering which of our fashion guru’s will make it and which designer will have their line dropped tonight? We have the scoop so keep reading for all the details!

The pressure is on tonight on Launch My Line on BRAVO as our final four teams compete for one of the three spots in the finale. Dan & Dean of course are not short of surprises as usual as they give the designers their challenge this week: design a 3 piece outfit that converts easily for 2 separate events. Each designer had to spin 2 wheels; one with a want and one with a need. On each wheel was an event and they had use the two events they spun for their design. While being given their challenge, they were also visited by Elle Strauss, Editor of Lucky magazine whom, Dan & Dean informed them would also be on the judging panel this week.

As their fabrics were running low, the designers were starting to break down on Launch My Line on BRAVO and their emotions were getting the best of them. This was only aggravated when Dan & Dean decided to bring another guest, Kara Saun from the hit series Project Runway, to do the walk through with them. While the contestants were excited to meet Kara Saun, they were not pleased with her critique. Kara informed Merle that since she is the queen of convertibles, she should really blow everyone else away. Kara Saun also informed Eric that his design was way off in matching the rest of his line, leaving Galina near tears unsure of what she could do since they were almost done with their outfit.


So here is how our teams fared after their critique by Kara Saun this week on Launch My Line on BRAVO:

Merle and Thai:
Merle after winning last week’s challenge did not have to spin either wheel tonight, instead she was given the chance to choose her 2 events, in which she chose a high society cocktail party and a company party. Since Merle and Thai have been doing convertible outfits for weeks now they should have had this one in the bag. They didn’t however as their fabrics were limited and had to go with bright reds and fushia for their dress but wound up topping it with a beautiful and creative black jacket with amazing feather details. The colors clashed a bit though, I wish they had done different colors for this design.

Kathy and Emil:
Kathy spun the wheel to reveal her events as: a hot night club opening and a company party. Kathy & Emil contemplated for quite a bit about their design, but finally came up with a simple, convertible outfit fit for both occasions. They did a zebra skirt with a red top and covered by a reversible vest as well. The vest came off and  the skirt flipped up to reveal Kathy’s special fringing. Very simple yet this design took alot of thought.

Eric and Galina:
Eric was probably the unluckiest of the designers tonight as he spun a cocktail party and a religious event. Unsure what to do about the religious event, Galina talked him into a baptism type outfit. After trashing their first semi finished design after Kara Saun’s critique, they decided to go with a fabric that went along with the rest of their line. Eric made a dark denim pencil skirt with a bright club like top, and embraced by a beautiful and reversible knee length jacket. Very clever if you ask me.

Louanna and Jim:
Louanna wound up spinning a movie premiere outfit and a baby shower outfit….yikes! She and Jim also had a hard time coming up with an idea tonight, but the ultimately decided to go with a pantsuit and a jacket. They decided to do all satin, which looked white to me with a pink satin top. It was beautiful to look at as they made it, but not so beautiful on their model. The jacket was gorgeous and as it reversed it went from tight sleeved to bellowed sleeves.


So now it was judgement time on Launch My Line on BRAVO and with their guest judge along to help them, the five of them decided that both Eric and Kathy were safe and guaranteed a spot in the final launch. While Eric and Kathy were feeling both excitement and shock, the judges then let Kathy know that she won the challenge tonight.

So this left Merle and Louanna as the bottom two this week. The judges went back and reviewed their entire lines and it looked clear to me as they were reviewing them who was going home. Upon returning to Merle and Louanna, my assumption was correct as they informed Louanna that her line was being dropped and Merle was moving on to the final launch with Eric and Kathy. Best of luck to Louanna, I doubt this is the last we will hear of her! And congratulations to Eric, Kathy and Merle for making the finale, I cannot wait to see what they create next week!

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm to Launch My Line on BRAVO for the first part of the finale!

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Photos courtesy of: BRAVO

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