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Project Runway: Beautiful Burlap

January 21, 2010 10:20 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on an all new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime, our 15 remaining contestants sew it out in a battle of the burlap! We start to see drama unfold and personalities begin to clash as surprises are thrown at the contestants…who will be able to hold up under the pressure and who is ready to break? We have all the fashion filled details, so keep reading!

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn take the contestants on a field trip tonight on Project Runway on Lifetime, to a farm. When they arrive at the farm they notice all the models standing around in the mud with nothing but potato sacks on. Tim goes on to explain that theu challenge this week will be to create an outfit out of the burlap so that the models may wear it to an event while using their models as their client as well, meaning the models get to have a say in the design…easy enough, right?

That’s not the only fun surprise Tim & Heidi had in store for the contestants tonight though. He then tells them the models will be choosing their designers this week. While most of the models chose the same designers they had worked with last week, Mila’s model did not choose her, she chose Anthony instead. This meant a few of the models were shifted around so leaving some of the designers frustrated and angry.


As soon as they got back to start their designing on Project Runway on Lifetime, Mila started making snide comments to Anthony about her model choosing him instead of her. I, personally think she was hurt, but Anthony thought she was jealous…who knows, maybe she was. In any event, Anthony chose to ignore her and walk away to finish up his work.

Amazingly enough, the designers really rocked out the burlap tonight on Project Runway on Lifetime. We saw everything from dying burlap to look like denim, to burlap ruffles, to burlap looking like evening wear for a sophisticated party. One designer however, Ping, made her skirt way too short to the point that her model’s buns were hanging out for all too see…how embarrassing for both of them, not sure how she could have missed that one.

After working hard until the very last second, it was finally runway time and the models showed off what looked nothing like burlap at this point, but beautiful outfits of high end fabrics. Heidi started calling names to send off to the safe room and we were left with: Amy, Jay, Ping, Jesus, Mila and Pamela making up the top three and the bottom three.

After doing a quick review of the garments and joined by the lovely Lauren Hutton, the judges told Amy she was safe and sent her off. Then they commented on both Mila’s and Jay’s designs, sending Mila to safety and awarding Jay the win for making a black party dress with what looked like feathers on the end – all made of burlap! They debated about the last three, and surprisingly sent Ping to safety as well, even after the open behind on her dress. I am not looking forward to this girl’s next design, that’s for sure.

So it was down to Jesus and Pamela in the bottom two on Project Runway on Lifetime. While I totally thought Jesus would be sent packing since he covered most of his dress with ribbon, defeating the purpose of the challenge, they chose to send Pamela home. I really thought Pamela, although her design was not flattering on her model, put alot of work into making her burlap look like denim. Best of luck Pamela!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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