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Project Runway: Season 7 Premiere

January 21, 2010 08:51 PM by Lisa Princ


Project Runway is back with the premiere of a new season as Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and the gang are going back to their roots in New York. With 16 new contestants fighting for a chance at having their line launched with a $50k tech suite and $100k from Loreal, let the sewing wars begin. How will the contestants handle their very first challenge? Keep reading for all the details on our new designers as well as the results of their first challenge!

On the season premiere of Project Runway we head back to New York where it all began. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia return along with Tim Gunn mentoring the contestants and as always the lovely Heidi Klum hosting. We met 16 new hopefuls looking to have their lines launched and get out there. For their very first challenge they have to create a design that shows who they are as a designer. Let’s meet the contestants and then see how they fared for their first challenge.

Seth Aaron Henderson
Seth is 38 year old fashion designer & stylist from CA who has a unique style but knows who he is and what he wants.

Janeane Marie Ceccanti
Janeane is a 28 year old designer who owns her own design business in CA.

Mila Hermanovski
Mila is a 40 year old costume designer for TV and films from Dallas, TX.

Ben Chmura
Ben is a 30 year old designer from CT.

Anthony Williams
Anthony is a 28 year old freelance designer from Atlanta, GA.

Ping Wu
Ping is a 33 year old physical therapist from China who claims her designs are very different and that you will either love it or hate it.

Amy Sarabi
Amy is a 26 year old designer who claims her roots affect her styles.

Jesse LeNoir
Jesse is a 25 year old actor from OH, best know for his pirate portrayal at Disney. He claims acting is what got him interested in fashion.

Christiane King
Christiane is a 30 year old fashion designer from Abidjan who says she loves to use different layers in her designs.


Emilio Sosa
Emilio is a 43 year old costume designer from Santo Domingo.

Jay Nicolas Sario
Jay is a 31 year old stylist from the Philippines.

Maya Luz
Maya is a 25 year old freelance designer from NM, who claims she has been designing since High School and she likes to go for the rock and roll look.

Anna Lynett
Anna is a 23 year old printmaker from WI.

Jesus Estrada
Jesus is a 21 year old freelance designer from Mexico.

Jonathan Peters
Jonathan is a 29 year from RI who claims he is unemployed but likes to think of himself as a freelance designer.

Pamela Ptak
Pamela is a 47 year old fashion designer and instructor from MA.

As the contestants are sewing away on Project Runway Tim Gunn makes his rounds for critique. He is not sure what to think of Janeane’s odd take on a little black dress and after hearing his thoughts, she decides to scrap it and start over with very little time left. Tim then makes his way over to Christiane and lets her know that leaving things out is not necessarily taking away from a garment. Tim is a bit shocked to see so many of the contestants with so much left do to and little time to do it, so he reminded them to hurry or they would not finish and then let them know that they have never had someone not finish.


The judges were joined by guest judge Nicole Richie on Project Runway‘s season premiere. And the runway struts began as the contestants watched and waited. Upon coming back on stage, everyone was told they were safe and could leave the stage aside from Seth, Christiane, Ping, Anthony, Jesus, and Emilio. They were informed that some of them had the best designs while the others had the worst.

The contestants stood there nervously waiting for the results for what seemed like an eternity. Finally upon arriving back, Ping who created a very odd piece beyond description was the first one told she was in the top and was safe. Next, they told Emilio that he was the winner with his cute & flirty dress with a nice flowing skirt. After that, the judges also told Seth, who created a very hip rock & roll dress along with Anthony, that were also safe and could leave.

That meant that both Jesus and Christiane were in the bottom two. Christiane’s dress was a mess with bad sewing skills, and too many layers, while Jesus’s dress looked like something from the 70′s covered by snakeskin. Unfortunately they let Christiane know that she would be heading home. Best of luck to Christiane!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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