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The Real Housewives Of Orange County: Party At Gretchens, Drama Invited!

January 21, 2010 09:47 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County on BRAVO, the girls are invited to a Stepford Wives Tupperware party at Gretchen’s house. If you think that is weird, wait until you see who the host of the party is! Who is tardy for the party? Keep reading to find out!


The housewives go to Gretchen’s house for the party, and of course Tamra doesn’t show, because they still have not made up, and Vicki is not there because she is working. Gretchen tries to liven up the party by surprising everyone by revealing that the host of the party is drag queen named Kay Sedia!

But there was still drama to be had when housewife Alexis sees another woman leaning up against her husband. She immediately approaches the woman, who is Gretchen’s friend, and tells her to back off, that he is married. The two argue, and Alexis’s husband Jim tells Slade to break up the fight or they will leave. After the arguing is over, another woman at the party yells out that Alexis’s husband is not all that anyway! The party goes on, the drinks flow, and the rest of the night goes smoothly.

The day after the party, Gretchen, Slade, Alexis and Jim go to the racetrack to see a horserace. The air is cleared about the party, as Gretchen doesn’t want any trouble with another housewife. She talks with Alexis about her ongoing problems with Tamra, and Alexis tells her just to end it already. Alexis is torn because both women are her friends.


In a shocking turn of events, workaholic Vicki goes into her office and calls her whole staff in to speak to them. Don’t be alarmed people, you are not getting fired, you are getting treated to a spray tan and Botox party compliments of your boss.Nothing gives you that warm and cozy feeling more than thinking your boss thinks you look a little too pale and full of wrinkles! Vicki meant well, and the staff seemed to like it.

On the other side of Orange County on this episode of  The Real Housewives of Orange County on BRAVO, housewife Lynne is having some trouble with her daughter Alexa. She grounds her for breaking curfew the night before, but comes home to find her daughter has gone out. Day turns to night, and Alexa is still not home.

The next day, Lynne calls in Vanessa, a college student who counsels teens, to her home again to talk to Alexa and see what is going on. But when Alexa comes home to talk to Vanessa, she ends up breaking down and walking out. I think Lynne needs a little more help in the parenting department if she is going to get anywhere with her daughter.

Will the feud between Tamra and Gretchen ever come to an end? Will Lynne be abe to control her wild daughter? See you next week after the show to find out!

Tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for another drama filled episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County on BRAVO to find out!!

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