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Worst Cooks In America: Mastering Multitasking

January 24, 2010 09:37 PM by Lisa Princ

We’re down to six finalists on a brand new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network tonight. As the pressure mounts to get to the finale and prove that they are the best of the worst cooks, the contestants really begin to feel the heat. Who’ll pull through for another week and who will end up getting burned? Keep reading for all the details!

We’re inching closer to the final episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network where one chef from each team will cook for a panel culinary critics. Tonight Anne & Beau turn up the heat and watch their culinary students sweat as they are taught how to multitask in the kitchen, something that most home cooks do not practice as well as professionals do.

For their first challenge tonight, the students are asked to recreate a homemade ravioli dish as demonstrated by both Anne & Beau. Anne shows her students how to make pasta by hand, while Beau used a few kitchen gadgets to help which Anne comically disagrees with. While most of the students seem to be moving along with ease, others are struggling to get their done. Rachel made a flour & egg mess much to Anne’s dismay but was eventually able to pull it together for perfect pasta. Marque, who Beau refers to as inconsistent did not live down that title tonight as he could not get his dough ready at all. When he was finally ready to pull it through the pasta machine, it fell apart and he ended up having to steal some of Jen’s pasta dough.

Both Rachel of the red team and Jen V. of the blue team were the winners of the first challenge tonight on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network which would give them an advantage in the next challenge. Rachel was thrilled that she won her first challenge and that Anne’s only complaint was that her dish looked messy, but tasted great. Jen V. seems to be getting better and better every week, I think this girl has shown the most improvement since the start of the show!

Their next challenge would be making crostini, with their spin on it…..but that’s not all. They would also have to recreate an appetizer recipe of Anne & Beau’s to serve to 30 party guests. Because they won the first challenge, Jen and Rachel had their choice of 3 recipes given to them by Anne & Beau, and then they were to pass the other two to whichever team mate they wanted to have each one. Rachel chose a simple stuffed mushroom and Jen chose a puff pastry with figs which seemed harder and I was not sure she made the right choice.


There was no lack of drama tonight on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network as Jenny broke down because she could not get her appetizers to come together as she needed them too. Instead she had burnt pancakes and very little crostini as she was not multitasking well. When she finally did get her crostini plated with the help of Jen, she wound up moving her dish the wrong way and half of them landed on the floor. This girl could not catch a break tonight. I immediately thought she was a goner after this.

At the end of the party and after Anne & Beau tasted all the dishes, it was time to choose a winner from each team for this challenge, and also time to send someone packing. Anne surprised by the complete turnaround in him and impressed by his dish, chose Eddie as the winner, while Beau chose Jen V. by default as he stated, not sure why but I assume because Jenny did not finish her dish which he said was tasty….or maybe because Jen V. was such a team player tonight, really coming through for her team.

Then it was time to send two contestants home on Worst Cooks In America on Food Network. Anne decided it was time for Rebecca to go home, and Beau chose Marque since he could not get it together and seemed to show no real signs of improvement, just inconsistency. Best of luck to both Marque and Rebecca, we hope you keep cooking and learning!

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network. See you after the show!

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