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Intervention: From Riches To The Bottle

January 25, 2010 08:14 PM by Jennifer


Tonight we find out that even the rich and famous can fall into addiction as easily as the average Joe on this episode of Intervention on A&E.  Keep reading to read Robby’s story,  a Grammy nominated singer who is addicted to alcohol.


When Robby was 10, his mother noticed he had a flair for singing, and enrolled him in performing arts classes. From then on he only got better, and by his senior year of high school, he was going to 30 performances and auditions per week. That’s when his mom, who was way too lenient with him, realized that this was turning into a career. Without discipline from his mother, Robby started smoking marijuana and drinking at age 18.

He formed a group called City High with his girlfriend Claudette and his friend Ryan, and they signed with musician Wyclef Jean’s record label. They skyrocketed to the top of the charts, and partied hard with rap stars, celebrities and other musicians.

But as they say, what goes up must come down. While the band was on tour, his girlfriend broke up with him and started dating his friend and fellow band mate Ryan. This broke Robby’s heart and sent him into a downward spiral. No matter where the group went, Robby headed straight for the bars, and has been drinking continuously ever since. The band ended up breaking up in 2003, and he ended up moving back in with his mother, and continued to be drunk morning, noon, and night.

Robby said that Claudette leaving him for Ryan, whom she eventually married, ruined him. That seemed to be the source of Ryan’s addiction to alcohol. This doesn’t please his current girlfriend, Anika, with whom he has been childhood friends with and also shares a three year old daughter named Lyric with her. Anika has had about as much as she can take, and is torn between staying and leaving him.


His family, not being able to deal with the fact that Robby cares for no one but himself, decide that if they don’t do something to save him soon, that he will end up killing himself with alcohol. He is not being a very good role model for his daughter by drinking himself into oblivion, and they seek the help from Interventionist Candy Finnigan for help.

On this episode of Intervention on A&E, Candy tries to explain to the family that they can no longer let him get away with this behavior, and that they need reinforce with him that there will be dire consequences if he does not accept an offer of treatment that is about to come his way.

He walks in to a hotel room for what is supposed to be an interview, and is surprised to see his family sitting there, and downs a bottle of what looks like water, but clearly is not. He sits down and listens as his family tells him that his alcoholism has a negative impact on his relationship with his daughter Lyric, and that if he does not stop drinking and get help, that they will basically sever their relationships with him, and then it is Anika’s turn. She tells him that if he does not get treatment, that their relationship is over, and she will raise Lyric alone.

This hits him hard, and he agrees that he needs help, and leaves straight from the Intervention to go to a treatment facility. He completes the treatment program, and mends his relationship with his family and Anika, and has moved into an apartment with her and their daughter Lyric, and has been sober since October 10, 2009.

Another success story…. but will the next addict be as lucky??

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out! See you after the show!

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