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The Bachelor: Jake Cleans House!

January 25, 2010 08:10 PM by Candace Young


Tonight, on ABC, Jake Pavelka, aka, The Bachelor, there will be a group date, a one-on-one date, and a two-on-one date – from which one bachelorette will not return! Chris Harrison starts things off by explaining that everything is about to change. He gestures to some huge RVs parked outside, and tells them to pack – they’re going on a road trip – and those are their new homes! Read on to see what happens…

The RVs take off, with Vienna effectively separated from Ali and Tenley. All are happy about that! Jake is also headed up the California coast on his motorcycle. He notes that each stop will have a ton of surprises for the girls.


First stop is a camp in the middle of a vineyard – Jake can’t think of any better place to fall in love! Jake greets the ladies as they get off the RVs at the winery. Vienna is incredibly forward which creates an awkward moment. Jake gives them the first date card. After he leaves, they open it – Gia gets the one-on-one date!

One-On-One Date

Jake is interested to see how Manhattanite Gia, copes with an outdoor date. He picks Gia up and she gets on the back of his bike. They eventually park, and Gia gets barefoot and suggests they play hide-and-seek in the vineyard. Jake loves her passion for life. Gia jumps out and wraps her legs around Jake – he carries her. They sit down for a picnic, and bond over being geeks in school. Gia says her first kiss was during spin the bottle. He suggests they empty their wine bottle and soon the game is underway! Their first kiss is ‘perfect’ and they keep going at it!


Jake and Gia go to his tent for dinner – hot dogs and smores! Again, he’s testing her – the city girl! She notices the stars and tells him it’s romantic. They snuggle, and she muses that she’d want a long engagement, then to be married for a few years before having two children – and adopting one from China! They hear the other girls trying to sound like coyotes. Gia accepts a rose from Jake.

Down at the girls camp, the group date card has arrived. Jesse, Ashleigh, Tenley, Ali, Vienna, and Corrie are going on the group date. That leaves Ella and Kathryn for the two-on-one date. They are stressed knowing that one of them will go home.

Group Date

The girls are heading to meet Jake at Pismo Beach. Jake is taking them dune buggy riding – he wants to see how down and dirty and fun the girls can be! Ali calls ‘shotgun’ and will go in a buggy with Jake. He notices that Jessie, who is driving one of the other buggies is rather timid – she needs to step on it! Next up is sand surfing. They all grab boards and head for the top of a dune. Jake and Tenley roll down the hill together – he notes that he’s naturally drawn to her and is really having fun! As the sun goes down, they have a fruit and wine picnic on the beach. Jake mentions rolling down the hill again, and Corrie is the only one who responds – they go off together.


Later, Jake takes the group of girls to a special inn where they can shower and change, and will meet Jake for dinner. Jake greats them once they come down in cocktail dresses and heels. He muses to the camera that group dates are not his forte. Ashleigh gets him alone, but the conversation seems stilted, and Jake doesn’t feel any connection with her. Jake asks Vienna for a talk next, but she will only take the last talk of the evening! Jake is taken aback, but takes Ali off instead. They seem very comfortable together.

Back at the RVs, the card has arrived for the two-on-one date. Both Ella and Kathryn are very upset at the prospect of possibly going home.

Jake, meanwhile, is chatting with Tenley about her ex-husband – he wants to be sure that she’s over him. She seems to convince him – they wind up kissing. When Vienna gets her turn, Jake keeps distant from her somewhat, and warns her about how she is acting differently with him than she does with the other girls. In the end, he gives the rose to Tenley.



Jake admits that deciding who to send home between Ella and Kathryn is going to be awful – but it will bring him closer to finding his love. They all arrive in Big Sur, and Ella gets ready, as does Kathryn. They pack up, and tell the other girls this might be goodbye. Jake comes to pick up his two dates and take them to his cabin for dinner. At the table, Ella tells Jake what she is looking for in a relationship when he asks. Kathryn sits silent like a third wheel. Ella and Jake go outside to talk. He tells her he brought her tonight because if he’s not absolutely sure, then he doesn’t want to keep her from Ethan.

Next, he gets some alone time with Kathryn, noting that there has been something about her that has kept him from sending her home. She tells him that he doesn’t pay attention to her – there is something holding him back with her. Jake admits that he’s been cautious due to how attractive she is. Jake ends up outside alone contemplating who he will give the rose to tonight. He finally goes in and asks Ella to join him outside – he tells her that he’s developing stronger feelings for some of the other women – she’s got to go! He then returns to the cabin and in the first shocker of the night, he dumps Kathryn too!

Back at the camp, the other girls react when both Ella and Kathryn’s bags are taken away!


Rose Ceremony

The remaining bachelorettes are scared now – he’s obviously playing for keeps at this point. The RVs arrive at a huge villa where the rose ceremony will be held. Once they’re all dressed, Jake greets them and proposes a toast. He and Corrie go for a one-on-one chat. He warns that she has to keep opening up – he needs to get to know her. He spends some more time with Ali, and again, it’s very comfortable between them. Jessie is next. She hasn’t had much chance to talk with Jake, but she uses the time to tell him that Vienna isn’t for him. Jake listens and thinks she is sweet – and is trying to be a good friend.

When Jake talks to Vienna, she pushes the issue of the other girls not liking her. He carefully tells her he likes to form his own opinion.

Chris comes in and tells Jake its the time for the rose ceremony. Ali tells Tenley that if Vienna stays again, she will accept her rose, but have a conversation with Jake that he would never expect!

Jake enters to give out the roses. He gives Ali the first rose. Corrie gets the next one. Jake picks up the third rose, but is overcome with emotion and asks for a minute – he goes to find Chris Harrison. He asks him if he has to give out two more roses!


Oh, the drama! Three girls left – Ashleigh, Vienna, and Jessie – and he wants to send two of them home! Chris asks Jake if he’s definite that there are two women in that room that are not his wife. Jake nods. Chris says they’ll take care of it. They go back in, and Chris explains that Jake is very serious in his quest for a wife – he has asked him to take away one of his roses. The final rose goes to…Vienna!! Scream!

It’s official – Ashleigh and Jessie are leaving, and Vienna is the new ‘Wes’! What will Ali do now? She’s pissed, saying if that’s what he wants, she’s not what he wants! Jessie leaves, shocked that he’s keeping Vienna. Ashleigh also pities Jake for not seeing through Vienna. Jake tells the girls that they will be going to San Francisco next!

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