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American Idol 9 January 26, 2010 – Los Angeles Auditions!

January 26, 2010 07:01 PM by Candace Young


FOX welcomed 11,000 hopefuls to the American Idol 9 auditions at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles! Rocker Avril Lavigne is the guest judge for the first day of auditions – she joins regulars Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and host Ryan Seacrest. Who will go, and who will blow it? Read on for all of the highlights from L.A…

Day 1

The first poofy-haired contestant is Neil Goldstein, singing a Meatloaf tune. He starts and stops due to nerves. When he finally gets going, there are snickers from the judges. Simon stops him and tells him this isn’t the business for him. Neil insists he’s not leaving – he’s going through to Hollywood! Simon asks if he would like to leave on his own – or with an escort. Neil heads out under his own steam.

Next up is a dad of three who is also a pastor. Jim Ranger is singing a song he wrote called Drive. Simon likes his voice, but Avril and Kara question how he would be able to live the life of a pop star. Randy gives him a yes, but Avril says no. Kara is the deciding vote – and Jim emerges with a golden ticket!


Martial arts lover, Damien Lefavor, is the next to try his luck with the judges. He has a cringe-worthy voice when trying to hit high notes, and chokes spectacularly! Simon tells him he should just go – he goes.

Mary Powers, who has an eight year-old daughter who loves Simon, goes in front of the judges and sings a Pat Benetar song. Simon compliments her voice, but notes that her rock-look is cliche. All the judges say yes – she’s through! Her daughter is brought in to meet Simon, who gives her a kiss!

The last contestant of the day is an Adam Lambert-lookalike, who successfully shopped his demo to Adam himself! A.J. Mendoza sings Cult of Personality in a voice that Simon says sounds like he went to the dentist five minutes ago. Kara muses that he hardly even opened his mouth. It’s four ‘no’s – he’s out.

Day 2

Katy Perry is the guest judge for the second day of auditions in L.A. – and she doesn’t pull any punches! She begins by expressing her opinion about the other judges coming in by helicopter – it’s ridiculous!


Austin Fullmer starts the day off in a rather shocking manner with a shiny shirt and pants, and a violently weird and intense performance. The judges swap opinions on whether he’s like Mick Jagger or Iggy Pop. Amid chuckles, Simon tells him he’s not cut out for this – the other judges all say no as well.

The next notable is Andrew Garcia, who is a dad, and wants better than struggling for his son. The judges seem to like him as soon as he begins singing. Randy comments that it was very excellent. Simon says he’s the only one today who is a genuinely good singer. Kara thought it was great, and Katy notes that he gave her chills. He’s going to the Hollywood round!

Tasha Layton is a personal assistant/minister, who is singing a Joss Stone tune for the panel. She sounds really good. Simon thinks people might like her. Randy, Kara, and Katy all say yes, as does Simon!


Jason Greene is a rather creepy contestant who sings I Touch Myself by the DiVinyls. As Jason poses and makes sexual innuendo on the floor, Randy and Kara give ‘no’s. Katy remarks that she feels dirty – no. Simon sends him on his way, and with some flourishes and dance kicks he goes. Outside, Jason gives Ryan his number!

As the day wears on, Kara and Katy increasingly get catty with one another – until Katy threatens to throw her Coke in Kara’s face!

Chris Golightly tells Ryan how much music means to him before going in to sing for the judges. Chris sings Stand By Me – it’s terrific! Kara tells him he’s one of her favorites, and remarks on his life story. Katy scoffs that this isn’t a Lifetime movie! Kara throws her arms up in the air. Randy likes him. Simon gives him a yes with a small ‘y’. The others put him through as well!

22 hopefuls are going to the Hollywood round from Los Angeles! Tomorrow night, the auditions will be in Dallas, Texas! Big talent, and big personalities – including Barney the Dinosaur!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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