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Millionaire Matchmaker: Little Hands, Big Ego

January 26, 2010 09:21 PM by Jennifer


Patti has her hands full tonight on this episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.  She gets excited when her business attracts two Jewish millionaires, Tyler and Justin, as a result of an appearance she made with Rabbi Shmuley, who is famous for his relationship advice.  But can Patti find these two true love, or will she get fed up with them? Keep reading to see what happens…

Patti drives to meet Justin,  a cocky former childhood star,who makes a big mistake by questioning her about why she is late for their meeting.  She fires back by telling him that he needs to beef up is wardrobe if he ever wants to meet the right woman. Patti is familiar with the show Picket Fences that he starred in as a child, but was unaware that the Emmy he is bragging about winning was won by the show, and not just him. She also notices that he has small hands and is only 5’6….which Patti thinks may be a sign of other smaller things.

Tyler, on the other hand, owns his own public relations firm, and is into playing the piano and collecting vinyl records. A little too sweet according to Patti on this episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, and she said he needs to step it up and be the hunter, not the hunted.


Patti and her crew interview many woman to get together for a mixer to get to know the guys, and she is focusing on looking for Jewish girls, but throws in a few others for variety. They finally find the perfect girls for the mixer, and the two guys mingle to see who they like. Tyler ends up choosing one girl, Eden, who tells him in the first five minutes that she used to have an eating disorder. Big mistake. Then he meets with his second choice, Taylor, who is tall, blond, and shy. The two seem to have alot in common, and he ends up choosing Taylor for his date.

Justin’s first date, Amy, is a waitress at a restaurant, and seems to be able to keep him interested, and he seems to be captivated by her eyes. Justin then has his turn with Eden, and he immediately tells her that he heard she likes food. She doesn’t answer him well, because she was scolded by Patti for opening with the whole eating disorder thing when meeting Tyler. So she decides to talk about her mother’s death, which makes Patti end that date real quick. I guess Eden didn’t learn her lesson the first time. So Amy was the obvious choice for him.

But before she will let him go on the date with Amy, Patti shows up at his house with a celebrity stylist and raids his closet, and he freaks out about it. After calling him and angry Hobbit, she finds an outfit for him to wear, and hopes his ego doesn’t ruin it for him. Of course when he gets to meet Amy for the date, he spends so much time name dropping that she really doesn’t get to know him at all.


Tyler takes Taylor to a friend’s restaurant where he surprises her by telling her that they are the ones cooking. After, while they are eating, the conversation is flowing, and they make plans for the following weekend to go sightseeing. He made his move, and the two kiss. Mission accomplished.

When Patti does a follow up call to Taylor, she says her date with Tyler went great, and she heard the same from Tyler. He followed Patti’s advice and is completely happy. Justin on the other hand, complained that Patti did not get her the ambitious girl that he wanted, and only a waitress. Uh, hello?!? He is the one that picked her for a date! Patty puts his ego in check and tells him that he really needs to get over himself before he looks for someone else.

I can’t wait to see who she has to pair up next week… can you?

Tune in next Tuesday at 10PM EST to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo to see if Patti can make another love connection! See you after the show!

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