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Paranormal State: Paranormal Or Human?

January 26, 2010 08:45 PM by Lisa Princ

Paranormal State on A&E is back with a brand new episode tonight. This time, PRS travels to Georgia to help a family who claim they have seen and felt strange things. Will they be able to find anything or will the evidence fall flat? Keep reading for all the details.

Immediately upon starting their investigation tonight on Paranormal State on A&E Ryan can sense some sort of tension. Colette and her husband claim they have seen a flash of light, and that their girls have been touched by something. Upon digging into the history of the land, they learn that there was a house fire that killed 4 small children and maybe that was what was causing the paranormal activity.

After inviting Lorraine Warren to do a walk through with him, Ryan learns from Lorraine that maybe all the tension is not caused by the paranormal, but the stresses within the family. Ryan decided to chat with the family’s 18 year old daughter to find out anything she may know. Sarah tells Ryan that she thinks her past is the cause of the activity in the home and informs him that she was involved with some satanic friends, and even bought a satanic bible which she later tried to destroy. She seems extremely unhappy and breaks down that she lost it when her sister was born, feeling she was pushed aside.


Regardless, the PRS team decided to pursue dead time on Paranormal State on A&E just to see if they could confirm anything paranormal, which they were unable to. The only thing that was caught was a bathroom light turning on, but obviously that could be more than paranormal activity.

Convinced that if there was anything there, it stemmed from the tension within the family, Ryan decided to check in Father Bob and have Sarah baptized since she never was. After they had her baptized and checked in with her a few weeks later, she claimed the family had their good days and bad and they all told her that she needed to take control of her from within to help the situation. I sure hope she did, since she seemed very depressed. Hopefully, we will have a more exciting episode next week full of evidence!

Be sure to join us next Tues at 10 pm EST on A&E for a brand new episode of Paranormal State.

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