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The Biggest Loser: A Liar In The House?

January 26, 2010 07:59 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight we have a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC full of drama as a fired up Bob Harper and completely irate Jillian Michaels call out one the contestants and get fired back at. How will Michael fare after losing his mom to elimination last week and being told he was not working hard enough? We’ve got the scoop, so keep reading for all the intense details!

The Biggest Loser on NBC starts off tonight with a pop challenge. The contestants were asked to make their way around the presidential mile, picking up cards halfway through and bringing them back to Ali to check in. When they checked in, they needed to get 3 green checks to win, but not all the cards had green checks, some had red checks which would get discarded. The teams struggled with numerous laps in the double digits just to get their 3 green checks, but ultimately it was the red team of Lance and Melissa who finished first.

Upon winning the challenge, the red team was given immunity for the weigh in….just what they needed, right? That wasn’t all though, they were also given 3 envelopes containing cards that they needed to review and give out to other teams. The envelopes contained: 2 lb disadvantage, no gym access and no vote at elimination at the weigh in which Lance & Melissa were given 15 minutes to think it over and hand them out to other teams. They decided to give the 2lb disadvantage to the green team and despite their reasoning, the green team was not happy to say the least. Michael was given the no vote at elimination as they felt everyone was hard on him last week and he was still angry, and John was given the no gym access due to his knee issues and they knew he spent most of his time exercising outside of the gym.


We were not short on drama tonight on The Biggest Loser on NBC either as Bob and Jillian were at their wits ends’ with being lied to. After last week’s one lb loss, they both knew Melissa had thrown her game for 2 weeks in a row in now. If you recall, she gained a lb the week prior. Lance and Melissa were pissed that Bob & Jillian accused Melissa of lying, and while Bob let it go, Jillian would not. Jillian, completely annoyed at this point, lost it in front of everyone yelling that Bob could work out with these two and she would not. After calming down a bit, she spoke with Melissa and told her she could come work out with her, but she was not buying her story and knew Melissa was lying. I have to agree with Jillian here, I definitely think Melissa is a liar and should not have won immunity this week.

Next up was another challenge for the teams: lifting themselves over one hundred feet in the air in a scaffold type contraption using their sheer power only. The prize for winning this challenge was a phone call home, as well as giving 3 phone calls to home to 3 other teams. All the teams worked hard, but it was neck in neck between the gray team and the red team, and despite how hard the red team pushed, the gray team beat them out by a few seconds. Koli and Sam were thrilled to be able to call home and gave the other 3 calls to Lance & Melissa, John, and Migdalia & Miggy.

After their last chance workout it was finally time for their weigh in. Here is how our teams fared this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC:

Green: Migdalia from 237 to 233 (-4) & Miggy from 212 to 211 (-1) for a total of 0.67%

Gray: Koli from 353 to 341 (-12) & Sam from 334 to 320 (-14) for a total of 3.78%

Orange: Cheryl from 203 to 197 (-6) & Daris from 301 to 295 (-6) for a total of 2.38%

Black: Andrea from 272 to 267 (-5) & Darrell from 361 to 351 (-10) for a total of 2.37 %

Brown: John from 437 to 427 (-10) for a total of 2.29%

Purple: Stephanie from 236 to 230 (-6) for a total of 2.54%

Red: Lance from 324 to 318 (-6) & Melissa from 214 to 203 (-11) for a total of 3.16% (they had immunity)

Pink: Ashley from 333 to 326 (-7) & Sherri from 190 to 186 (-4) for a total of 2.10%

White: Mike from 471 to 456 (-15) for a total of 3.18%


Ironically enough neither Bob nor Jillian were impressed or surprised by Melissa’s 11 lb loss this week as they knew that she knew if she did not lose a good amount this week everyone would have known she was lying the last two weeks….or maybe a miracle happened and her body went back to normal as she claimed she did not throw the other weeks. Michael proved he was serious and deserved to stay on the ranch after his huge loss this week, putting him at a total loss of 70 lbs. thus far.

After the green team’s devastating 5 lb loss on The Biggest Loser on NBC Melissa wanted to make it perfectly clear that the 2lb disadvantage would not have made a difference. As she started to ask Ali, Miggy & Migdalia lost it on her and it well deserved in my opinion since Melissa is not trustworthy at all. Then Migdalia broke down and started to cry and Miggy immediately told her not too, ticking off Jillian even more after last week’s breakdown with Migdalia.

Now it was time to vote on The Biggest Loser on NBC and they both asked that Migdalia be sent home. Not all the other contestants agreed though, as it turned out to be a 3 to 3 vote for each, with the final vote for Migdalia sending her home instead of her mom. To date Migdalia has lost almost 60 lbs and is continuing her journey…congratulations and best of luck to her!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 PM EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. See you after the show!

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