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Launch My Line: Part One Of The Finale

January 27, 2010 09:37 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight kicks off the much anticipated finale of Launch My Line on BRAVO. In this first half of the finale Dan & Dean give the contestants a few surprises that will throw them off their game. Of course, you didn’t think they would go out without a little bickering and drama either, did you? If you think this season’s end will be smooth sailing for our three finalists, you couldn’t be more wrong. Read on for all the fashion filled details!

Dan & Dean kick off the finale tonight of Launch My Line on BRAVO by giving the three finalists their very last challenge. For the final launch, they would need to create 3 outfits in less than 2 days…and if that was not hard enough, they had added requirements for each of the outfits. The first outfit would need be something with non traditional pockets, while the second outfit would need to have ruffles. For the third outfit they would need to create an over the top evening gown that would shout wow at them.


Ah, but the excitement did not end there either. In yet another surprise, Dan & Dean announced that the contestants would have some extra help this time, from all of the eliminated experts from our previous designers on Launch My Line. The only catch was that the experts got to choose which designer they wanted to work with. Both Jim and Roberto chose Kathy off the bat, while Coco and Tressa chose Merle. Eric was left with Julie and Susan by default but he was thrilled with them. It will be great to see how all these experts work together in teams.

The contestants were then told they were also allowed to alter or completely scrap and redesign any of their previous designs as long as they stayed within the theme and inspiration done during that launch since they were being judged on their entire line in the final launch. Merle was the first one to scrap and start over on that hideous kangaroo pouch dress she created a few weeks back, while Eric decided to work on his distressed dress. Kathy couldn’t get the nightmare of the tentacles out of her head and immediately removed them from her dress, but with her experts not agreeing on what to do to enhance that kimono, she was at a loss.


Knowing they would be showing 10 outfits, there was no shortage of drama tonight either on Launch My Line as the designers were allowed to choose their models. As they went down the line choosing Eric chose one he wanted and Galina immediately followed him with another and Merle was not having that. I think Merle was ready to sock Galina!
All in all, they ended up handling it like adults and continued on choosing their models, which they then started to fit and line up, figuring out how they wanted their lines to come out on the runway. Tough decisions, but everyone managed to get that squared away easily.

Then the actual designing & constructing started and it seemed like it took the teams forever to decide what they wanted to do for each outfit. Merle’s team seemed to be the most stable, all on the same page as she delegated a design to each one of her experts. Eric’s team was working well together but struggling on how to get their evening gown to come together as the fabric choices were running low, despite being given constant access to the trim room tonight. Kathy’s team, however seemed to be up in arms over a red dress as Jim and Emil butted heads. Emil wanted Zebra and Jim said no way. Kathy and Emil sat down to talk it out but Emil said he couldn’t talk anymore as his head was going to explode.

At the end of the night before the final launch on Launch My Line Merle’s team was the only one with 10 outfits hanging up waiting to be shown. Both Kathy & Eric were struggling to get their designs done, Eric confident he would finish but Kathy not so much. Merle seems pretty confident that she has this in the bag. We’ll have to wait until next week to see who wins it all! Remember, the finale continues at a new time of 9 pm EST next Wed, instead of 10 pm EST, so make sure to set your DVR’s accordingly.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 9 pm to Launch My Line on BRAVO for the second part of the finale!

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