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Models Of The Runway: Walk Or Personality?

January 28, 2010 10:26 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Models of the Runway, one model fears her honesty and defense on the runway could be her demise in the competition, while another model is told how difficult she is. Will either of these girls be sent packing this week, or will someone else be sent home?

After Ping’s departure tonight on Project Runway, her partner Jesse’s model, Megan fears she may be in danger of elimination as she opened her mouth about Ping’s lack of attention to the designs during her fittings. She did, however defend Jesse’s hard work and ability and she was hoping he would see this and choose her again.

Sophia on Models of the Runway let us know more about her tonight and how she is such a family person. She couldn’t say enough of how she missed her family and they showed her having a nice phone chat with her boyfriend. Um, this is the same model that the designers refer to as difficult, isn’t it? She doesn’t let those comments bother her as she feels since she has one of the strongest walks, she will be safe no matter what.


Next on Models of the Runway, Heidi brings them all out for our designers to once again chose their models, leaving someone going home. Mila, the winner of tonight’s challenge on Project Runway is up first and immediately chooses her Lorena, claiming they are the dream team. A few more designers pick and choose, most choosing their regulars with a few choosing a different model this week.

Jesse decided to choose Megan again as he felt he could trust her after she stood up for him on the runway. Then it’s time for Jesus, who decided not to choose Sophia claiming she was extremely difficult to work with. Sophia looks shocked by this, although this is not the first time we have heard this of her. Anthony is the last one up and with Sophia and Sarah left, he decided to chose Sarah because he said he had heard too many times about how difficult Sophia is to work with and he is not taking chances.

Well at least Sophia will get to go home and be with her family now. Best of luck Sophia!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 11 PM EST for a brand new episode of Models of the Runway. See you after the show!

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