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Project Runway: Enough Already!

January 28, 2010 09:39 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime, the designers are put to the ultimate challenge as they are put into teams. Which designers will face up to the challenge and which designers will crack under the pressure? Keep reading to find out!

Project Runway kicks off tonight as Tim Gunn takes the designers to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they will draw their inspiration from timeless, classic pieces. As they walk the museum, there are gowns staring them in the face from top designers such as Christian Dior. Their challenge this week is to create something elegant and classic…..but they have to do it teams of 2 as opposed to by themselves.


Tim pulls names from a hat and from those names would be the team leaders, who would have the final say over the designs. Each team leader had to chose their team mate and everyone seemed to be happy with their choices, until it was Ping’s turn to choose. Jesse was one of two designers left to be chosen and he did not want to paired up with Ping…he had even mentioned to the guys in his room before hitting the museum that he thought she should have been sent home last week. Ping, however had her eyes on him as he avoided looking at her, she called his name to be her partner!

Tim then sent the designers to the fabric shop with $500 each to spend on their garment. As everyone hustled and bustled along getting their fabrics together, Ping was running around like a chicken without a head looking for her sketchpad. Jesse was utterly annoyed at this point and ready to strangle her. Finally after Jesse found it, Ping hurried along and just managed to her fabrics in the nick of time.

While the other teams seem to get along well and have their work flowing smoothly on Project Runway, Maya was a bit concerned that Jay’s immunity was causing him to slack off and leave her busting her behind to get things done. Jonathan also worried that Mila was spending too much time creating a jacket while he was sewing away at light speed. Ping and Jesse, however could not agree on anything and he was getting furious with her and quite frankly I could not stop laughing because I was frustrated just watching her.


Just as the teams finally seemed to come together and have everything ready, Tim threw a wrench in the road for them as he then informed them they would also need to create a second look. The second look would be a “look for less”, something under $50 that was similar to another team’s look but not a carbon copy. They went down the line and each decided a team to use as their look for less, and then the lead designers headed off to the fabric store. Jesse, once again was worried about what Ping would come back with and he was right in doing so as she came back with a very cheap looking fabric that just did not work well.

By now, if you have assumed that Jesse and Ping were in the bottom tonight on Project Runway, tyou would be correct. They, along with Seth and Anthony were the bottom designers this week and Mila, Jonathan, Jay and Maya were the top designers tonight. Jonathan, Maya and Jay were sent to safety and Mila was named the winner of this week’s challenge. While going over the garments with Jesse and Ping, one of their models spoke up on how Ping never even looked at her in the garment and how Jesse worked very hard to make it work for her.

After reviewing the garments, Heidi sent Jesse and Seth to safety. As Anthony and Ping were the last two standing, you could see Anthony was sweating with worry. Luckily for Anthony, he was sent to safety meaning only one thing: Ping was out! Ping was sent packing and rightfully so, although I think she should have gone last week after leaving her poor models buns hanging out of that dress. Ah well, best of luck to her in whatever crazy fashion industry she hits up next!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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