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Dancing With The Stars: Samantha Harris Is Leaving

January 29, 2010 11:00 AM by Christine McDow


The female co-host of the hit dancing show, Dancing with the Stars, has announced that she is leaving the show that has made her famous, effective immediately.  Dancing with the Stars is set to premiere in just two months, yet the television personality has decided that she just can’t do it anymore.  Is the reason innocent, or could there be more behind it?

According to Samantha Harris she is leaving the show to focus on her other projects such as ‘The Insider’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight Weekend’.  This could be true, or it could be that the powers that be at ABC have noticed just how awkward Samantha Harris is on the show.

When we think of the host of Dancing with the Stars we automatically think of Tom Bergeron.  When we read it was Samantha Harris leaving we thought, “Oh yeah, she is there too.”  Tom is the life of the show being out on the dance floor while Samantha sometimes just seems to be a filler behind the scenes while she interviews contestants.  We often find ourselves fast forwarding through the interview scenes.  The two of them together have very little if any chemistry.

No word yet on who, if anyone, ABC will hire to replace Samantha Harris.  We think they should just rearrange the show so that Tom Bergeron does it all.

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