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Exclusive Interview With Anne Burrell Of Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America

January 29, 2010 10:42 AM by Lisa Princ


If you haven’t seen Worst Cooks In America yet, surely you have seen Anne Burrell somewhere on Food Network. With her signature blonde spikes and being notorious for wearing skirts while cooking, Anne seems to be one of Food Network‘s quickest rising stars. Anne Burrell took some time today to sit down with us and dish on the show that highlights some of America’s biggest culinary disasters. Keep reading for all the details!

Anne Burrell is definitely one of Food Network‘s newest sensations as she currently works on three shows: Worst Cooks In America, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, as well as Mario Batali’s right hand gal on the hit series Iron Chef America. Anne was kind enough to sit down and chat with us for a few minutes today, and here is what she had to share with Reality TV Magazine.

RTVM: How did you get chosen for Worst Cooks In America?

Anne Burrell: I was already doing Secrets of a Restaurant Chef on Food Network and they approached me to join this show as I have a lot of teaching experience.

RTVM: Can you tell your viewers what it is like to work with Mario Batali on Iron Chef America?

Anne Burrell: I still work on Iron Chef America and it can be stressful. Mario is wonderful but he is very serious, in fact the whole show is very serious and he works very hard at what he does. I always work hard as well and I try to make sure that we don’t lose because of something I did.

RTVM: Back to Worst Cooks In America, can you tell us about working with Beau MacMillan?

Anne Burrell: Beau is great, he is like a big teddy bear. He walks around calling us kid, hun, etc. and I had to tell him enough of that already [chuckles]. I think it’s great because we have two very different culinary personalities so it makes for a fun time and makes us great competitors.

RTVM: Speaking of different culinary personalities, on last week’s episode you chose to work your pasta by hand, while Beau was using the pasta machine. Do you do everything by hand or do you use any kitchen gadgets?

Anne Burrell: I have spent alot of time in Italy, so pasta is always by hand for me. I do use kitchen gadgets though for other things. That is the great thing about cooking, there is always more than one way to make something.

RTVM: I have to ask, out of all the dishes on Worst Cooks In America that you and Beau had to taste, which one was the worst and did any of them make you sick?

Anne Burrell: The worst dish was definitely the pasta with the olives and pineapple. We didn’t get sick from anything, it was all cooked properly just did not taste good.


RTVM: I have to ask..you always have on a skirt when in the kitchen, is there a reason or is it good luck or whatnot?

Anne Burrell: You know, it’s just like wearing shorts. They are fun and comfortable but also girly and I love them.

RTVM: Do you cook a lot when you are at home and with your swamped schedule what do you do for fun in your spare time?

Anne Burrell: I live alone so I don’t cook huge meals at home, but I do cook for myself. I work a lot but I do throw a lot of dinner parties which are always fun.

RTVM: Some of the things the contestants do on Worst Cooks In America seem so frustrating. How do you keep your cool with them?

Anne Burrell: It’s the teaching experience, I am used to it. For instance with Eddie who came out and did a good job off the bat and then I had to keep telling him not to overdo his plating. He did do some good stuff though and continues to get better, so it’s all worth it.

RTVM: What tips or advice can you share with all the home cooks out there?

Anne Burrell: Read your recipe! I cannot stress that enough, read your recipe from start to finish. Know your stuff…understand your recipe and have all your ingredients out there when you start.

RTVM: What are your hopes for all the contestants of Worst Cooks In America?

Anne Burrell: My hopes are that they continue cooking and learning so that they continue getting better. I hope they can go home and cook for their families and get that wonderful feeling you get when you cook for someone. Being in the restaurant business I get that all the time and it’s a great feeling..I hope they get to experience that feeling.

RTVM: What’s in store for you next, any future Food Network shows or plans?

Anne Burrell: Well we just finished up season 5 of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and season 6 is now on the books as well. I am hoping we’ll see another season of Worst Cooks In America. I am also still working on Iron Chef America as well as working on a book.

RTVM: In closing, what would you like your viewers to know?

Anne Burrell: Thank you for watching and keep your fingers crossed for another season of Worst Cooks In America. Be sure to watch the finale this weekend. There is a new episode on Sunday as normal and then the finale airs this Monday, February 1st at 10 pm on Food Network.

Thank you to Anne Burrell for taking the time to chat with us, we can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network. See you after the show!

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