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The Amazing Race: RTVM Exclusive Interview With Cheyne Whitney

January 29, 2010 07:59 AM by Christine McDow


We recently got the opportunity to interview one half of the winning team from the huge reality TV show the Amazing Race.  Cheyne Whitney sat down with us and answered some questions regarding the fantastic organization he works for RescueSCG, as well as his time on the Amazing Race with his partner and girlfriend Megan.

RTVM: Please tell us about the San Diego– Rescue Social Change Group.  How did it get started?  What are the goals of the group and the future plans?

Cheyne Whitney: RescueSCG was founded in 2001 by Jeff Jordan as an organization with a mission to positively influence youth and young adults. Rescue launched their positive change movement by hosting top-notch smoke-free nightlife events that created a healthy lifestyle movement among the young adult party scene of Las Vegas.  Through research, strategy and marketing services, RescueSCG’s  overall mission is to improve the lives of youth and young adults through tobacco, alcohol, obesity, violence and HIV prevention programs, as well as after school promotion and youth advocacy for policy change.

Goals and future plans of the group focus on expanding and refining our unique social marketing, after school service and youth advocacy models in hopes of causing large scale positive change nationally and internationally.

RTVM: How did you get involved in the group?  What is your job?  What do you forsee for yourself in the future with the group?

Cheyne Whitney: I began working with RescueSCG in the Fall of 2008 as an intern and was hired on full time at the end of my internship period as an Assistant Brand Manager. I was honored to be promoted in August of 2009 to After School Brand Manager and to be given the role of On-Site manager for the Kearny High Complex IMIN after school program. As an After School Brand Manager I focus on developing and implementing engaging enrichment programs for local San Diego high school teens. Looking forward, I hope to refine and expand Rescue’s IMIN reach, as well as conduct after school research across the country.

RTVM: What are you most proud of regarding your involvement with the group?

Cheyne Whitney: I am most proud of being involved with such an amazing positive like-minded group, all of whom are dedicated to improving and influencing the lives of peers and future generations.

RTVM: How would your co-workers describe you and your ethics when it comes to your job and life?

Cheyne Whitney: I would hope that my co-workers would describe me as a natural change ambassador who is easily approachable and consistently helpful in regards to all of Rescue’s campaigns. In life I would think that my colleagues admire me as a dreamer who works to achieve my goals regardless of their grandeur or reality.

Now if you do not mind a few questions about your time on the Amazing Race:

RTVM: First of all, congratulations on your win with Megan on Amazing Race.  We were rooting for you guys.  Are you still together?  Wedding bells in the future at some point?

Cheyne Whitney: Yes we are still together… the rest is confidential! Haha and thank you for the support!

RTVM: How do you think the two of you managed to keep a cool head most of the time when most teams seemed to snap at each other?  Did you guys staying calm play a hand in you winning the race?

Cheyne Whitney: Megan and I were focused and dedicated to thinking positively and maintaining composure throughout the whole race before it even began. Watching previous seasons and planning for our adventure, we realized that teams who became frustrated or overworked usually lost ground or their lead and we made it a point to stay focused on the future rather than the pitfalls or troubles of the past. Staying composed and maintaining a positive outlook the whole race played a huge role in our win and the other 6 legs of the race that we won.

RTVM: What was the most exciting thing you did on the race?  What was the scariest?  What will you remember the most and take with you from the race?

Cheyne Whitney: The most exciting thing I did was drive the F3 race car in Dubai, it was by far the gnarliest thing I have ever done. The scariest was undoubtedly when I scaled face first down the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas. I was hundreds of feat above the Las Vegas Strip crawling down the building balancing of winning a million dollars and staying alive.

RTVM: Would you be willing to compete on the Amazing Race again in the future or on another reality show, like Survivor?

Cheyne Whitney: Yes we would love to do the race again, if they have an all-star season it really wouldn’t be
“all-stars” without the winningest team in Amazing Race history right? Meghan and I would also entertain the idea of Survivor but aren’t applying or anything. In the Reality world we are focusing most of our free time to positive avenues, organizations and charities while working with producers on a Positive Global awareness campaign and reality show.

Thank you Cheyne for answering our questions and being so open!  We are thrilled that you and Megan are still doing so well and wish you many years of happiness.

For more information about Cheyne’s charity work visit the San Diego– Rescue Social Change Group.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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