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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Creasey Family, Jewel, and Ty Murray!

January 31, 2010 06:57 PM by Candace Young


On ABC tonight, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team is going to help the Creasey family in Davidson County, North Carolina. William and Tricia Creasey are suffering not only with house-related troubles, but with the knowledge that Tricia has incurable cancer. William notes that she can be very sick one day, and will be back in teaching her kids at school the next. The Creaseys have three daughters, including twins. Ty Pennington calls the family out of the house, and their quest to give Tricia peace of mind begins…

Ty tells the family that they’re going to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida while volunteers build them a new, safe and healthy house. Ty takes a tour of the house before they leave, noting that it could actually make Tricia sicker, and that there is no place for her to rest quietly or recharge her batteries.


The older daughter tells Tracy that she loves Paris. William tells Ty that he is trying to come to terms with what is happening to his wife, and that repairs on the house stopped in favor of paying for treatments. The family gets to see all the volunteers, and meet Jason Hendricks of Hendricks Creative Homes, who will do the build. Ty gives them their mystery gift, and then sends them off in the limo.

Jewel and Ty Murray arrive to help build the new Creasey family home. Ty takes Jewel to the school where Tricia teaches to meet her students. Together they come up with words that describe Tricia for a special project.


Paul is designing a place for the young twins to let loose and play. Ed puts Ty Murray to work in a mini-digger, which he pretends to ride like a bull!

The Creasey family is staying in Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World – they’re all having a great time – even Dad! Ty calls and asks them to open their gift box – it’s college scholarships for the youngest three daughters!

Soon, Ty’s got the keys, and it’s time to move in the furniture! Ty puts the finishing touches on a coffee table with the ‘Hope’ book inside – his special project for Tricia.


As the Creasey family’s limo pulls up alongside the bus, the crowd goes wild! They get to meet Jewel and Ty Murray, who tells them that they’ve watched the whole process – and it’s amazing! The volunteers chant, “Move that bus!”

William and Tricia both sob with happiness at the sight of the new house – it’s very moving. They thank Jason Hendrick and his building team.

The Creasey family goes inside, and even the girls are overcome at the sight of the spacious and warm interior. Ty comes in and draws their attention to Ed’s dining room table, and then shows them a video of Reese Witherspoon with a positive message for Tricia!


The twins check out their game-filled, colorful, mirror image room. Brittany, who loves Paris, sheds tears of joy at the sight of her fancy French room. Tricia and William gasp over the peaceful sanctuary that is their new master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Tricia is grateful that she will have that space to recover after chemotherapy treatments. Ty comes in and shows Tricia the book of hope, which is filled with the words her students came up with to describe her.

Tracy announces to the family that CVS Pharmacy is donating $100,000 toward Tricia’s medical treatments, so she can focus on her family! Jewel sings them an inspirational song on her acoustic guitar. Ty ends with, “Welcome home, Creasey family, welcome home.”

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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