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The Bachelor: And Then There Were Four!

February 01, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, Jake Pavelka, aka, The Bachelor, takes the remaining five bachelorettes, Corrie, Tenley, Ali, Gia, and Vienna to San Francisco to a luxury hotel. He explains that they’ll have three one-on-one dates, and one two-on-one date – and that they don’t have to worry about roses on the dates now. Tenley gets that first one-on-one date! Read on for tonight’s highlights…

One-on-One Date – Tenley

Tenley is totally excited to spend some time alone with Jake and be able to act like a couple. She feels like she’s ‘behind’ the other girls in some respects, and mentions that she would be devastated if he sent her home. They go to San Francisco’s Chinatown to begin their date.


Jake comments on how fun Tenley can be, and how many things they share. They hold hands, kiss, and window shop. Jake is falling for Tenley, but wants to have some more serious conversation with her. They will have dinner for two overlooking the city lights and the San Francisco Bridge. Jake tells the camera that of all the women he most easily pictures Tenley as his wife. Jake asks her about her failed marriage and what she would do differently. Tenley asks him what his expectations are from a marriage. They seem like a perfect match in the end.

Back at the hotel, Corrie rushes to answer the door and get the next date card. She opens it and says it’s for Ali and Vienna, causing Ali to freak out! Corrie laughs and says she’s just kidding – it’s Vienna and Gia. Vienna calls Ali out on what her issue is with her. Ali muses that she formed an opinion based on her talking bad about other girls in the house. Vienna feels like talking to Jake about the situation.


Two-on-One Date – Gia and Vienna

A chest of clothes arrives to assist Gia and Vienna in being the queens of Jake’s castle. The girls go over the San Francisco Bridge in a limo to meet Jake. Vienna crows that she’s her daddy’s princess, and now is Jake’s queen! Gia is worried that she will be a third wheel since Vienna is so much more outgoing. They meet Jake at Castle Winery – he is concerned about how awkward it will be on a date with two women.

Back at the hotel, Tenley and Ali chat. Tenley suggests that maybe Jake took Vienna and Gia on the double date because he is trying to decide between them.

Vienna, meanwhile, tells Jake how mean Ali has been to her. Jake deals with Vienna diplomatically. Jake notices that Gia is pulling back, so he takes her off alone. She admits to him how difficult it is for her in this situation – she doesn’t feel special. Jake has to reassure her too. He tells her he is falling for her, and they kiss. Lantern in hand, Vienna decides to go looking for them – she doesn’t want Jake cuddling or kissing anyone else! They hear her calling for him, and jump out to scare her – she’s not amused.


Vienna and Jake sit down to talk (or whine in Vienna’s case). Jake asks what marriage would be like with her, and she notes that he seems slightly distant. Jake takes the girls to their room where they will spend the night. He says goodnight to both of them, but it’s not good enough for Vienna – she has to go after him to see where she stands. She finds him in bed and piles in, but he sends her back to her room in short order out of respect for Gia.

Back at the hotel, the next card comes – it’s for Corrie and says, “Love is a walk in the park.”

One-on-One – Corrie

As they meet in the park, both are eager, but realize they are behind the others in the progression of their relationship. Out on a pond in a rowboat, Corrie and Jake get close, but awkwardness ensues as they still haven’t taken the plunge to have their first kiss. Jake finally says he’s ready to eat, but tells the cameras that he feels things with Corrie are moving too slow.

At the hotel, Ali has received the card for her date – Jake wants her to plan the date and show him her city!


Jake and Corrie explore an aquarium holding hands, but both feel like there’s a cloud of doubt over them. Over wine, they discuss the situation – he asks where she is right now. Corrie tells him that she likes him, but she wouldn’t live with him before marriage – she’s saving herself. Jake respects that, and they finally kiss.

One-on-One – Ali

Jake comes to pick up Ali, and Vienna muses that this will either make it for them – or he’ll see who Ali really is, and won’t like her! Jake and Ali head out – she takes him to her favorite area of town where he buys her flowers at a stand. Ali is positively giddy that he’s there with her!

Vienna is moaning about Ali to the other girls at the hotel. She is not happy that she’s spending the whole day with him right before the Rose Ceremony.


Back on the date, Jake is saying it would be great for them to have a place in Dallas and in San Francisco. Their conversation flows, and they behave very naturally together as usual, but Jake will have some tough questions for her regarding the Vienna drama before the date ends.

They go to the harbor and beach area and have a great time. They wind up on the grass with Jake laying down with Ali sitting on top of him. He asks her about the Vienna situation. She admits that sometimes she doesn’t understand the decisions he makes, but tells him she’s decided to let it go. They kiss and then run into the water together fully-clothed and kiss some more!

Rose Ceremony

Before the ceremony, Jake takes Tenley for some alone time. She expresses some worry for the first time – he reassures her that he thinks things are great between them. Jake then takes Corrie aside, followed by Gia. He tells Gia she is amazing – and not like the other four women. Jake then comes back to get Vienna. He takes her to a special hotel room to go out on the balcony and look at the city lights. He really likes her and plans to let his heart go where she’s concerned.


Jake has his sit-down with Chris Harrison, next. Chris reminds Jake that the four women remaining tonight will be Hometown Dates next week. Jake tells Chris that he dreads the ceremony tonight, because he knows he’s going to make a woman feel the way he did when Jillian let him go.

Jake knows who he needs to send home, and acknowledges that it’s going to hurt. I think it will be Corrie – let’s see if I’m right!

The first rose goes to Tenley, the second rose goes to Ali, the third rose goes to Gia, and the last rose is offered to Vienna. It’s Corrie going home tonight.

Jake has tears in his eyes as he walks out with her. He tells the camera that there was just something missing – he was worried that she might never open up completely. Corrie thinks it would have been different if they had only been dating each other.

Next week on The Bachelor, Jake will visit the hometowns of the four remaining bachelorettes, and a big bomb will be dropped on Jake. For the first time ever, there will be no Rose Ceremony! Don’t miss it!

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3 Responses to “The Bachelor: And Then There Were Four!”

  1. Charlotte Roberson Says:
    January 13th, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Pretty funny in last episode that half of the price tag was still on the bottom of a wine glass that one of the girls was using. Hope it was washed.

  2. Dorothy Says:
    March 14th, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Jake from the bachelor was such a looser so I can see why Vienna and Jake didn’t make it. They were both there for the wrong reasons. LOOSER’s!

  3. Beth Diaz Says:
    February 14th, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    who did not receive a rose last night? did not receive a rose on 2 /13

    Thank you,

    Beth Diaz


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